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can it wait til tomorrow

Can It Wait Until Tomorrow?

One evening, as I was approaching an important deadline I thought in order to accomplish it, and not stay up too late, I would work immediately after family dinner. However, things didn’t work out quite that way. I quickly realized I needed to stop and focus on being present with my family in the moment. If […]

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The Tampon Code

It happened just as it always does. Recently, I was on a trip and the group I was with needed to make a pit-stop for a bathroom break. We all veered, our suede booties clicking the pavement and Louis Vuitton/Madewell/Target purses in tow, into the closest public restroom. Upon entry, there was a woman standing […]

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Saying “No” With Grace

I recently joked with a friend that you can tell how much I like you by how quickly I start telling you “no.” I am a people-pleaser and I do not enjoy confrontation of any sort. I also like being busy. For this reason, I used to say “yes” to everything. “Can you join our […]

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I Choose Joy.

Have you ever met someone who oozes positivity? Not the over-bubbly, Pollyanna-type…those people are obnoxious, but just someone who quietly finds happiness in almost every situation?  I find myself drawn to people like this. I seek them out. Their positive attitudes are calming and contagious. I am probably attracted to these people because positivity is […]

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Hanging Up My Heels

  Tuesday, September 26, 2017. The day my life changed forever. It didn’t change in one of those dramatic ways, like a baby being born, a marriage, or losing a loved one. This was a more subtle, but equally Earth-shaking, revelation. On this day, my husband got a promotion at work. A promotion that meant […]

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I Was Distracted for a Second and My Kid Got Hurt

Does anyone else ever feel like they are living at a pace that they just cannot maintain? Sometimes I feel like I chase my tail from morning until night. I collapse into bed feeling like “where did today go?”  I’ve become more and more aware of this rapid pace that I have somehow allowed to […]

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