It’s a Poopy Situation When Your Child Won’t Poop

I’m referring to the ole’ number two situation. Or what I’d like to call, “the frightened turtle” scenario.  Let me explain friends:

As mom’s we deal with poop, turds, fanny fudge, and doodies on a daily basis.  Let’s face it, somebody has to wipe those little bums.  I knew going into motherhood I would have to wipe some dirty bums and deal with some gross stuff.  What I was not prepared for was explaining to my child WHY it’s okay to poop.  

When it’s brown town time, you’ll find my youngest standing cross-legged, beat red-in-the-face, & clinching tightly.  She fears pooping and therefore, withholds it.  

This whole thing started out of the blue when she was about 6 months old.The child would not poop.  Her doctor diagnosed her with constipation and told us to give her Miralax every day to soften her stool.  Then to change her diet by adding high fiber foods.  Following doctor’s orders we changed her diet, added more fluids, added a probiotic, and gave her fiber gummies daily.  After all the effort still, she would freak out and not poop.  Now, 2 years later, my almost 3 year old is still fearful and withholds her poop to this day.  The adventures of potty training have been INTERESTING to say the least. 

Each doctor visit was always the same thing….oh it’s just constipation.  That gets frustrating after hearing it over and over again. Since she’s older now and can communicate better, I’m realizing that this is just a psychological thing for her and not a physical problem.  So….how do you tell a toddler that it is OK to poop? We’ve read the book, “Everyone Poops” over and over again.  Had her watch her sister poop in the potty, our dog poop, you get the picture here folks.  Learn by example.

Now that she is more vocal and pee potty trained she will tell me, “Mommy I need a diaper so I can poop”.  On goes the diaper and she is off to a secret location to relieve herself.  At least she is trying to get rid of the stink pickle, so that’s a plus! We are trying our best to not get frustrated with her. Nor do we want to force her to sit on the potty as I think it will make things worse.  So little by little we work towards making progress.  Baby steps, one dump at a time.

If your child suffers from bowel withholding I would love to hear your tips or suggestions on how you worked through this phase please!

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One Response to It’s a Poopy Situation When Your Child Won’t Poop

  1. Kailey June 16, 2017 at 9:17 am #

    I am also going through this struggle, but she is also afraid to sit on the potty to pee. I have tried everything. And last week we tried to get rid of pull ups completely, and she just held both pee and poo pretty much all day. So her dr. Said to give her Muralax and a pull up.
    So we are back in pull ups and people just keep telling me she isn’t ready, but she tells me, “you need to change me” when she goes in her pull up. I am out of ideas.