Don’t Let the Bully Win

Bullying is a sensitive subject. It is a subject that people often turn their heads away from. We want to believe sometimes that it doesn’t exist, but it does. NO ONE is immune from it. This is a post that is near and dear to my heart and something that is a lot more personal than other articles I have written. As a woman raising a small human it has given me inspiration to write this as these are things I would like my child to know, let’s begin:

Oh bully…I thought I left you behind when I graduated from high school. I soon discovered this was not true. Bullies have no age limit, they have no gender and they don’t discriminate no matter your journey in life. It doesn’t matter what you do, the bully will never be happy.

The internet has given the bully a great platform to hide behind. They enjoy speaking their mind and poking at people. They feel powerful as they hide behind the keyboard.

As the pastor at my church has said over and over again, ‘hurting people hurt people’ which is why sometimes even the people being bullied become bullies themselves.

But Bully, I pray for you. I pray that you find happiness, I pray that you find what is missing. To be completely honest, I  find it hard to pray for you as the things you say are hurtful. But that is what you want, you want me to be angry.

And to the others, don’t open the door to the bully. Don’t let them in. Don’t wrap yourself up in the drama and waste your time. Bullies are never completely satisfied.

See, as a teenager I wanted so badly to know what others thought of me. I wanted to change myself to be “perfect” until I finally realized that is impossible. You are not perfect. I am not perfect. Do not waste your time creating an unrealistic reality that if you could just make everyone happy…or change that one thing about yourself…

See negative feedback is not always bad. You take the words, you digest it and then decide for yourself what you feel is true.

I am constantly evaluating myself and deciding on things I need to work on to help me grow and continue to become the person I was created to be.

I am a first time mom, and though my son is only a year old these are the things I want to instill in him:

Be kind. You never know who just needed a smile that day.

Be respectful. Though you may not always see eye to eye – treat others how you want to be treated.

Love. You never know who is hurting out there or they journey they are on.

Encourage! Encourage those around you – don’t be a yes man, don’t be afraid to be honest with people.

Don’t be a bystander – stand up for others!

People are mean sometimes. Life happens. We are made to grow and overcome situations that make us stronger. Be someone that you are proud to be no matter your past and no matter your decisions. Tomorrow is moving forward and so should you! Don’t let the bully win.

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