The Day She Didn't Mom

The Day She Didn’t Mom

The alarm clock blasted a screeching wake-up call. Normally, she hurried out of bed to get an early start on the day’s responsibilities. Not today. Today she simply pulled the covers over her head and hid from the world.  For a while she’d been feeling like it was all just too much. The rushing from […]

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Think Like a Toddler

Think Like a Toddler

Think like a toddler, and you might just stop the tantrums (or at least a few of them…the others are inevitable). I’m not a patient person. It was always one of those things on my report card in school that I needed to work on. Then, in the working world, it always came up in […]

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Thank you teachers featured image

Thank You, Teachers

Last night, I set my alarm, giving me enough time to wake up and get everyone together and out the door. I was always taught early is on time, and on time is late. Thank you, teachers, for teaching me the value of time. I sang some nursery rhymes, and the alphabet with our son […]

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we have good kids featured image

We Have Good Kids

A friend and I were recently discussing our teenagers.  Well, okay, we were venting:  mine didn’t get up on time; hers was always missing the school bus.  Mine won’t empty the dishwasher without twelve reminders; hers complained that there was no food in the house when the pantry was so obviously full.  I think any […]

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Just a Few Minutes

“Will you lay with me for a few minutes, Mama?” My daughter’s big hazel eyes implore me, and I resist the urge to sigh. There’s laundry that needs to be folded. I haven’t packed the lunches for tomorrow. After a restless night of sleep and a manic Monday at work, I want to be a […]

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