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Why I Couldnt’t Buy Girl Scout Cookies This Year

Around the end of winter last year, it was like my stomach had an internal clock that was buzzing like my snooze on a Monday morning. It was time for minty chocolatey goodness. Creamy caramel and coconut perfection. Sweet, yet just the right amount of tart, bright lemon. That’s right, it was Girl Scout Cookie […]

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can it wait til tomorrow

Can It Wait Until Tomorrow?

One evening, as I was approaching an important deadline I thought in order to accomplish it, and not stay up too late, I would work immediately after family dinner. However, things didn’t work out quite that way. I quickly realized I needed to stop and focus on being present with my family in the moment. If […]

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Tiny Humans

I was at a restaurant last week having trouble deciding what to order. First world problems, right? The waitress had many tables and I could tell she was stressed.  She came around and asked if I was ready. I told her no but I would be ready in just a few minutes. She yanked the […]

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