Hey Mom, Believe the Hype

Our son has been in love with ocean animals forever.  

And dinosaurs…

And video games…

He says he wants to be a diver, an archaeologist, and a video game maker.  I told him he can be anything he wants with hard work and a little faith.

My daughter is always trying to juggle.  Last night she tossed a single apple back and forth between her tiny hands and announced “This is all I can juggle, mom.”  I told her every great juggler in the world started exactly that way. With big eyes she said, “Really?!”…I could feel her confidence rising.

The toddler slowed down long enough for me to put on his jacket.  I started the zipper to mid-way and turned to do something else. He finished it to his chin, “I did it mommy!  I’m big boy!” I gave him a tight hug, “Good job, buddy! Mommy’s proud of you.”

Us mamas are always encouraging our kiddos.  Words have power and you lift them up with daily reminders of endless possibilities.  They hear you, even though they don’t act like it, and they keep growing and learning and surprising you.

But can you remember the last time you did this favor for yourself?  Stop and really think about it. Did you wake up this morning thinking, “I’m a freakin’ rock star mom and I’m killin’ it today!”?  Or did you think, “Ughhhhh…I’m so exhausted. I hate (insert despite), I should workout and stop eating those Girl Scout cookies!”?

Lao Tzu drops the mic:
Watch your thoughts, they become your words
Watch your words, they become your actions
Watch your actions, they become your habits
Watch your habits, they become your character
Watch your character, it becomes your destiny

You obviously already know this.  Look at the way you talk to your kiddos!  But if you’re anything like me, you need a little practice with self-love, so here’s a list to remind you about how totally amazing you really are:

My kids think I’m the best mom ever.
My husband is obsessed with me ‘cause I’m smokin’ hot.
My boss is so lucky to have me on the team.
My house is loud and fun and full of life.
I am a loyal and thoughtful friend.
All of my mistakes make for awesome stories.
I’m doing a good job of feeding my kids.  They love Chick-fil-a and they get to play!
I deserve this day at the spa ‘cause I earned it.
I am special and perfectly made.
I did a good job with my daughter’s hair.
I’m so clever and smart and I’m a fast learner.
My kiddos learn cool stuff from watching YouTube!
I look good in sweatpants.  Really anything.
My kids are polite and well-behaved because I did that.
My laugh is contagious.
This body of mine is miraculous!  It’s like I’m a superhero and stretch marks are my insignia!
I’m great at planning birthday parties.
I am super qualified and ready for that promotion.
I’m exhausted because I’m a hard working rock star career mom.
I can do anything I set my mind to, even working out and saying “No” to Thin Mints.


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