Transplants Guide To Northwest Arkansas

So many of us are transplants to Northwest Arkansas. Maneuvering through the new and the old can be confusing, especially when it comes to directions and landmarks. Take a left after Heart Attack Hill? Ok- that’s not showing up on my GPS.

Trying to figure it all out and just where does Rogers actually start- Walton? Walnut? What! We are laying it all out for you- please add to these spots in the comments below and help us newbies out.

The Square: This seems obvious to anyone who has lived here for even a little bit, but for brand new transplants- it can throw them for a loop. “The Square” is the heart of downtown Bentonville, home to the courthouse and the 5&10. 

Restaurant Row: This is the area near Lowes and Barnes and Noble that has a bunch of hotels and restaurants. Apparently this area was the hot spot back in the day, Applebee’s and the like line this area. 

Rainbow Curve: The area where the Walton curves and meets Airport Road- it’s not labeled or signed this way- but apparently that what it is called. 

Walton vs. Walnut: It is Walton until you go under the interstate, and then it turns to Walnut and you also enter Rogers at that point.  The name of that interstate- that’s another little funny thing about our area.

I49 was once 540 and before that The Bypass: Most GPS now say I49- but lots of locals will still say 540; some hang on to the ol’ bypass. 

MLK In Fayetteville was once 6th Street and it will always be to many. 

265 in Fayetteville is also called the CrossOver. 

71 Business  is 412.  Or is it? Even the locals can’t agree on this one. Whatever the answer is, 71 Business is not to be confused with HWY 71, which runs through Springdale, obviously.  Hwy 412 or Sunset runs East to West; Hwy 71 or Thompson runs North to South. K.

The Airplane Mcdonalds: This landmark actually had an airplane attached to the roof- so even though it not there anymore- the McDonalds on the East Side of Springdale on 412 is the Airplane McDonalds forevermore.

Dixieland Mall A.K.A. Frisco Station Mall A.K.A. Hobby Lobby: Once the ‘it’ for teens, this place used to be the only mall in the Bentonville/Rogers area and also home to their movie theatre; locals still refer to this area around here as Dixieland Mall. 

The Old Fairgrounds: Previously a fenced in field; now home to the Thaden School. This area and campus will always be the spot of the Old Fairgrounds to many locals.

Guess Who?: So the story goes once our area was allowed to have alcohol sold in the county, there was a law that says liquor stores could not be owned or named the same thing or owned by the same person, something along those lines.  Anyway, the fine people of Macadoodles found a loophole and the business made a funny when naming it Guess Who?

Dry Sundays: You know you’re new to the area when you walk into a store on Sunday and try to buy wine.  ‘Aint happening in these parts. You have to drive across the county line, or the “the line” to purchase alcohol on Sunday- but that is not really a big deal to locals- because they used to have to do that 7 days a week. If you were to drink at restaurants, another loophole existed then- you had to “sign in” to weird little social clubs when you wanted a drink out. 

Sunset Hotel in Bella Vista: This landmark burned down in 1999- but people still remember and refer to it. It was the make out place according to some NWA contributors who shall remain nameless. 

14th Street– Nope, not to locals, that would be 102 y’all. 

Slaughter Mountain: The dip on your way to Polo of the Ozarks (a charity fundraiser; on HWY 45 before you get to Goshen; Goshen is a town east of Fayetteville) so called slaughter Mountain because of old pig slaughterhouses nearby. Ick. 

11 at 11: The restaurant inside Crystal Bridges is called Eleven. Named for the date of the opening of the museum (11/11/11) so when someone says meet at Eleven at Crystal Bridges, they mean the restaurant not the time. Unless you are in fact meeting at 11am at the restaurant Eleven. 

Calling Walmart by store numbers:  This is not just for Walmart employees (A.K.A. Associates) or vendors- locals alike share in this little NWA thing. Here is a breakdown:

  • Store 1: This is in Rogers on walnut, the very first Walmart Super Center, near Dixieland Mall- (see above for where Dixieland Mall is).
  • Store 100: This is the store on Walton, across from “The Home Office” See below for what is the Home Office. 
  • 5260: This is the Pleasant Grove Walmart. 

Also it should be noted that Walmart’s Home Office is across the street from store 100- even though there are many different offices of Walmart all over town- this is the “Home Office.” 

The Pig Trail: Once the only way to get to our little area of NWA- also known as the vomit inducing scenic route- this drive is better taken with buckets at hand- but man oh man it is beautiful. 

The Track: This refers to the area near Sugar Creek Elementary. It was, at one point the Bentonville High School track.

Heart Attack Hill: It is not there any more, it has since been reconstructed and flattened thanks to Crystal Bridges but locals will sometimes refer to this area so you should know about it. 

Monte Ne: What is this place and where is it? Oh it isn’t there anymore- but don’t you worry, locals will still refer to it, especially when they tell you about the amazing fried chicken near by. 

Prairie Creek: Not a creek at all, it is actually a boat ramp on Beaver Lake. You may hear a local say “Grab me a shake when you pass Susie Qs and meet me at Prairie Creek.”

The Pit: AKA Lot 56- This is the place to park on game day. You want to be in the pit. It is a good thing. 

Indian Push Hill:  A fabled spot in Bella Vista believed by some to hold Native American Bones- and when a car is parked just right and parked in neutral, it rolls up the hill on its own. dodododododododo. 

Mission and Crossover: This is all things East Fayetteville. Almost all one word: “I’ll meet you at the Penguin Ed’s on MissionandCrossover.”

Other things locals want you to know: Don’t even attempt to take left out of McDonalds or Chick-Fil-A on Walton near the Walmart Home office.  Just don’t.  

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2 Responses to Transplants Guide To Northwest Arkansas

  1. Avatar
    Elizabeth March 29, 2018 at 7:13 am #

    Love this! As a Fayetteville native, I use this lingo all the time without thinking. Now I can share this with friends! 🙂

  2. Avatar
    Brandy Pool March 29, 2018 at 1:25 pm #

    This list is great!! You nailed it! I am an Arkansas native, U of A grad and Lindsey Realtor, love seeing things from a transplants point of view! Brandy