Amazeum Summer Camp

My 8-year-old son recently had the opportunity to attend the Scott Family Amazeum’s Spring Break camp. He absolutely loved it! The camp provided more than just the chance to play in the awesome space that is the Amazeum. The children were encouraged to be creative, inventive, and to make new discoveries.  

During his week at the Amazeum, my son had a chance to learn and play with children from different schools and towns in Northwest Arkansas. This provided him a great opportunity to develop his ability to make new friends. Most importantly he got to work with children that were from different backgrounds than himself.

I asked my son what his favorite part of the week was. He said it was definitely when he designed and built a new game for others to play. He was able to plan, choose materials, and construct a carnival-type game.  On the final day of camp, the campers’ families were invited to play the games the children designed. It was awesome to see his hard work come together and to see the pride he had taken in his project.  This was a very cool STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, Mathematics) challenge that he will remember for years to come.  

As a parent, I was impressed with the attentiveness of the staff working with the children each day. They made every effort to get to know my child and to keep him engaged in learning. The staff also carefully followed check-in and out procedures, so I felt assured that my child was safe at all times.  

If you are looking for a fun, educational, unique summer camp for your child I would highly recommend one of the Amazeum’s seven summer camps they are offering. Their camps are offered for children from 6-11.  These are week-long camps and last around 6 hours each day.  For more information or to enroll today, visit the Amazeum’s website.



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