Post Baby Style Tips and Tricks

Oh, maternity clothes… 

SPOILER ALERT! As you get to know me, you’ll find I’m a lover of all things fashion. Thus, when it came time to breakdown and buy maternity clothes, I did NOT want to wear maternity pants…so I didn’t! I understand that they’re comfy and more than one place provides them in cute prints and cuts, but they just weren’t for me. Another thing, I never could quite get on board with are some of the crazy things people tell you while pregnant. Take for example:    

“You won’t even care what you look like once the baby arrives.”

I hate to break it to you, but that’s just not true. At least not for me. Even if I didn’t always feel like my “normal” self, it was important for me to at least look like my normal self. As I’ve discussed in an earlier post, I’m a newbie at this mom thing and as I go, I’m furiously keeping track of “mommy secrets” that saved me and my sense of normalcy. One such area that I acquired a plethora of secrets was in my wardrobe. 

First, let me drop a #Truthbomb …I actually found it harder to find clothes post-pregnancy than while pregnant. Specifically, one thing I did not even think about was the need for certain areas to be accessible for nursing/pumping.  Thus, in my quest for cute and stylish clothes that were something I would wear and feel like “me” in, but also accomplish all the new mom feats that were necessary,  here’s a few tips:

1. Good tanks/camisoles (buy several colors that you can wear under anything). I like tanks with lace detail, I feel that it “dresses” up even a simple look.

2. V-necks and scoop neck tops/dresses are wonderful for many reasons. These styles bring attention upward and are easy for nursing/pumping.

3. Button ups ARE your friend.

4. Everything is always dressier in black (lets face it, it’s more flattering and easy to remove spit up because that WILL happen).

5. Accessories are key! I like wearing several necklaces together to create a new fresh look. Also, great shoes go a long way – not back into the post baby shoes? Think a simple neutral shoe and do a great lipstick instead – this draws attention up!

6. Jeggings instead of maternity pants. I guess you can call me a rebel but I did NOT like maternity pants. I found great pairs at target (under $30) and even local boutiques under $60 with a modern style and great fit! At a certain point maternity pants will become loose and fit is the key. If you are in between your maternity and pre-baby pants think about getting a good in-between for right now. Qualifications: find a pair with a little stretch, a waistband that hits under the belly button, and make sure they pass the 360 degree test so they fit well from every angel avoiding the sagging look.


After pregnancy? I wore a waist slimmer and I loved it. Everyone says different things, hate it or love it…I found that it boosted my confidence and helped me begin the journey back to my post baby body. Many brands will let you return the size if you realize you need another since you don’t know the exact until the time comes or wait until afterwards.

Most importantly, this short post baby phase will pass faster than you think. I am right there with you. Some days are better than others but my favorite trick and if you are ever in need of a little happy just remember new make-up is always the right size and a manicure always fits!

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