Why Is My Hair Wet and Other Common Questions I Ask Myself……..

Since becoming a mom, I often find myself asking strange questions. Questions such as, “Why is my hair wet?” As my little human is quickly approaching the 6 month mark, I have learned so much in a short period of time.

I first noticed the weird questions when my baby was 6 weeks old. We took him to a tailgate because our friends were getting engagement. We wanted to take a picture with the happy couple, friends, and our new family of three. While posing for the picture, the baby spit up ALL over my shoulder. I smiled, rubbed it in and continued to pose, probably 15 minutes later I ran my fingers through my hair and realized my hair had “caught” most of it. That’s when “why is my hair wet” became a common question I would ask myself for all the times I was “surprised” when casually brushing my hair back.

I quickly learned that this was a normal question (for me) and I also have learned several other things in these six months:

Don’t forget to feed the baby – otherwise you will be out and remember at the most inconvenient time and then have to get creative (put a reminder in your phone – I know this seems like something you would never forget…just trust me).

Do NOT start with the cutest outfit first – in fact have several back up options and place the baby in the favorite outfit right before “show time”!

Be open minded – if the baby hates the  bassinet even though it has AMAZING reviews online, and your best friends’s sister’s daughter’s aunt swears by it but the baby didn’t get the memo, remember….there are other options for a reason!

The word colic can seem scary, but you will get through it! Personally my coping method involved visiting the cupcake shop and pulling from my people. You will need a break at a certain point. Maybe if it’s just to eat your cupcake in peace.

Focus on the positive. Instead of, “I got nothing done today,” try,”I took a shower and the baby is still alive” – mom for the win!

Do continue to take care of yourself. Try not to feel guilty for taking time for you…YOU are important too!

PS. Your hair WILL still look good (and no one will know what’s lurking underneath your dry shampoo).  Always try to carry a ponytail holder (in all of your pockets, your partners pocket, diaper bag, the car, hidden under bracelets, etc.) and find 1-2 easy up dos that look like you had planned to wear your hair like that the entire time – it will be our secret!

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