Baby And the Beach

Wake up late after sleeping ALL night, throw on a swimsuit, hit the beach, stay outside all day (or until hungry)…rinse and repeat – this is how you do vacation. Unless of course, you’re an 8 month old.

Taking a baby to the beach is similar to being at home with a baby, just in a different location. Here is a little of what I learned as a new mom after our recent sandy getaway…..

Before leaving for vacation, try a sound machine with an ocean setting to get your baby accustomed to the sound of the ocean around during nap and bedtime.The sound of the ocean caused my nap-hating baby to fall asleep often so that I was also able to relax (even if it was for a short period of time).

What to bring:

Baby powder- to help keep the sand off 
Hats – to help block the sun
Sunscreen – enough said
Umbrella or tent – for naps out of the sun
Baby float with canopy for the pool 
BEACH BAG – you will want this to help transport everything to and from the beach and/or pool.I actually had to buy one on vacation because I didn’t think I needed one until..reality hit.

In the beach bag:
Sunscreen for touch ups (apply sunscreen before hitting the beach)
Swim diapers (I kept the regular diaper on until right before water time)
Toys – I avoided toys that would be hard to remove sand (anything with holes)

Additional items you do not want to forget: the baby monitor (especially if staying in a multi-floor house, or for late at night when you’re on the patio relaxing with a glass of vino), pack and play (or somewhere for the baby to sleep), extra outfits, LOTS  of diapers and wipes, travel size baby toiletries and music for night time (if your baby is used to music).

These are the things helped our family vacation go a little smoother. Spending vacation with my family was a new version of perfect. I have learned this adventure of motherhood is often about your mind-set and learning to enjoy the journey!

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