If You’re Sick, STAY HOME!

I don’t consider myself a germaphobe. I believe the right amount of germs helps build a strong immune system (blah, blah, blah). I also believe I have a job to go to and who wants a sick kid or sick husband? I am out on that.

With the flu going around like crazy, I find myself avoiding coughers and the boogie men. Washing hands, Clorox wipes, and hand sanitizer are now my best friends. Your son’s teacher’s child has the flu? You were probably in the direct flu path so I’m avoiding you.  

As we are currently in the midst of flu-mageddon 2018, I feel like now is the time to discuss appropriate etiquette to prevent the SPREAD OF GERMS.

  1. Stay home: Ain’t nobody got time for that. I know, I know, we all live extremely busy lives but if you do not stay home, the legacy you will leave will be of sharing your sickness with everyone you care about. Honey, sharing is not caring. Don’t mind me as I avoid you like (quite literally) the plague.
  2. Rest: Now is not the time to have a superhero complex (or to become a victim…ahem…man cold). Just go to bed. Watch TV. Work from your bedroom. Whatever you do, do it in your own house, away from others who can be infiltrated by your plague. And because I am a Web MD, I should also let you know that this is when your body heals and overcomes your disease. So do it.
  3. Don’t send your kids to daycare if they are sick: Sick happens. I get it. Sometimes, it happens quickly and you truly didn’t know your kids were sick. I, for one, have gotten that surprising call in the middle of the day before too. This judgement is not reserved for you. Now, those that KNOW their kids are contagious and send them anyways…side eye….please don’t send your kids to daycare and infect my kid and everyone else’s kid. Pretty soon the whole daycare will have to shut down because you sent your kid to school on that one day in Winter 2018.
  4. Use grocery pick up/pharmacy drive thru: See # 1 and if you cannot do so (I mean, a girl’s got to eat), then use grocery pick up/pharmacy drive thru. Don’t go around touching all of the produce, soup cans, cookies, and vitamins. As I mentioned, I am trying to avoid you and that’s somewhere I have to go. You’re super duper sick? Get your meds and your groceries without leaving your car (and sharing your germs)!

While this seems dramatic (and it is), I have your best interest in mind (and my family’s). So if you can’t follow all the rules, just follow the top 4. You’re already sick, you don’t need the guilt of shutting down entire daycares resting on your shoulders.

But seriously, I hope you feel better. Alone. In your house. In your bed.

(air) XOXO

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