While You’re Raising Strong Women, I’ll Raise Strong Men

Many of my girl mom friends have been posting lately about raising strong women during the month of Women’s History.  The empowerment they feel in #raisingstrongwomen is inspiring for sure.  To all those moms doing their best to raise strong women- I’m with you.  Keep it up. 

God blessed me with four boys.  I’m not raising strong women, but my boys are being raised by a strong woman.   

My boys see and experience what a strong woman looks daily. They will be ready for those amazing women you girl moms are raising.   It won’t surprise my boys when your girls are strong, it will be normal to them. When my boys turn into men, they will be used to a woman who makes decisions, has choices, who can fix a fuse and bake a cake. They will have seen up close what it looks like when a woman works both inside and outside the home.   

I am the woman my boys look to daily and I’ll be the example of a strong woman for them.  

While you’re raising strong women, I’ll raise strong men. Men that will have seen me make money, save money and invest money. They will know that a woman can be pretty and kind, soft and hard. They will understand that  a woman can play sports, be competitive in all areas, yet humble and not ashamed off who she is. They will see a woman in front of them daily who loves her children, but puts her husband first and puts God before her husband.  

My boys will see a confident woman who is smart, funny and stern. A woman who makes no apologies for standing by her beliefs and right over wrong. Sometimes they will see a woman who makes mistakes.  I will let them see me cry and hurt. There is strength in scars and they need to know that.  

It won’t be all me though. Through the actions of their father, my boys will see how a man should treat a woman, as a spouse, a partner, colleague,  friend, celebrity or stranger.  My husband will do just as much as I do to pass down strength.

The strength of women from generations before enable us to raise strong men who will love your strong women. My husband’s mom did it for him and my mom did it for me. So, even if you aren’t blessed with girls, you can pass strength to sons and it will have a ripple effect.

And, eventually, us boy moms will get our chance to share strength-with our daughters-in-law and perhaps, one day, to our beautiful, sweet, strong grand baby girls.

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