You’re a Good Mom

When days are filled with sippy cups, drop offs, pick ups, dinner, stories and a mad dash to bed time, I never stop and think about what kind of parent I’ve become. The days are long, but the weeks are short, and my once tiny baby is flourishing as a sweet, funny, independent toddler. Did that happen because I did something right? Did I orchestrate him to be that way, or did I get lucky? 

I never thought about what kind of parent I am, or want to be. As long as my kid is happy, I’m happy – and the kind of mom I am doesn’t really matter. Until one day, my own mother looked at me and said very plainly, “You’re such a good mom.” It caught me off guard. I was just doing what comes as second nature. I get so wrapped up in the “doing” part of motherhood I sometimes forget to stop and give myself the credit and grace I deserve. 

My mom doesn’t realize it, but she gave me a great gift that day. Making her proud gave me a sense of strength and confidence. Something I hadn’t allowed myself to have. So this post is for you mom – and for all the moms out there…

To the woman who had a natural childbirth, medicated birth or C-section, it’s not a competition, and you’re a good mom

To the woman who chooses to formula feed, breast feed, supplement or some combination, at the end of the day, fed is best – you’re a good mom. 

To the woman leaving a job she loves to stay at home to raise her family, you’re a good mom. 

To the woman rushing through a work project to meet a deadline while still trying to make it home to kiss her kids goodnight, you’re a good mom. 

To the woman who loves herself enough to say “no” when she’s stretched too thin, you’re a good mom. 

To the woman who shuts herself in the bathroom for two minutes of uninterrupted silence, you’re a good mom. 

To the woman battling with postpartum depression, hang in there – you’re a good mom. 

To the woman suffering the loss of a child, you’re not alone – you’re a good mom. 

To the woman whose mom is no longer here, she’s so proud of you. And she wants you to know, you’re a good mom. 

To all of you reading this: For doing what needs to be done. For taking care of your kids before taking care of yourself. For putting their needs first, but not forgetting about yours – you’re a good mom. 

Happy Mother’s Day to the amazing moms out there. 

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