These Kitchen Drawers

One day I’m going to open these drawers in my kitchen and they won’t look like this anymore- overflowing with various forms of feeding contraptions for various ages and stages of child-rearing. When that day comes I’m sure I’ll be equally ecstatic and heartbroken. Right now, at this very moment, these drawers represent what is the most difficult, trying, amazing, and exhilarating time of my life. They hold the bottles for my baby, the sippy-cups for my toddler, and the water bottles for my kinder and first grader. They hold small containers for snacks that one day my kids won’t need every time we leave the house. They hold the bibs and the baby spoons and the newly-invented feeding gadgets meant to make my life easier as a parent to littles. They hold the busted cups we never use yet for some reason never throw away and they hold every type of popsicle mold you can think of.

But one day they won’t hold any of those things. Everything in those drawers will be obsolete for me in a few years. Everything. I wonder what will take the place of those things in the years to come? What did mom’s put in their kitchen drawers that used to house the baby bottles, the sippy cups, and the bibs? I feel like my kitchen is complete right now, and once the items in those drawers have reached their age of usefulness, the drawers will be empty forever. I know that won’t be the case- I’ll end up filling them with something.  But I’m sitting here wondering what those “somethings” will be. What will my kids need that they don’t have right now that can take the place of the bottles, sippy cups, and endless plastic bowls? And you know what, that question is the best part of parenting. And the scariest. We always want to know what to expect so we can prepare. We want to know what the future holds and to be able to be one step ahead. But that’s not how this parenting thing works. I have absolutely zero idea what will go in those drawers (besides food because food is life). Just like I have zero idea what I’ll do with my basement and half of my other living spaces once my kids don’t need ALL the toys anymore. My house is going to be as empty as those drawers. Except it really won’t be. It’ll be filled with something I can’t predict, something that I can’t even fathom at this stage.

I’m grateful for these random and unexpected reminders to enjoy this stage of life I’m in. The reminder that my drawers won’t always be filled with baby things and my floors won’t always be covered with toys, is both what gets methrough the day and what makes me be able to enjoy the little things all that much more. While I know it will be nice to one day have a clean house, I’m willing to bet that once that day comes I’ll give anything to have it filled with baby toys just one more time. This is a clean version of what this living space usually looks like- covered with toys and blocking the back door. But I love it and I love those baby toys. I love even more that they aren’t Legos. 

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