The Reset Button

Some days my children  wake up on the wrong side of the bed. And, some days they’re in the mood for a fight. Of course we also have the days when someone feels irritated, more sensitive, defensive or just plain mad. 

Insert the Reset Button. 

The Reset Button offers an opportunity to stop, collect feelings,  emotions, and thoughts and make a path to move forward.

It’s a chance, a break in the action, a silly maneuver that can save moments and an entire day from going sour.

In our family, the Reset Button is imaginary button in my hands. When our someone in our family needs a reset, we have them push the button. I make a silly buzzer noise and all is forgiven. We can move forward and get out of that rabbit hole. It’s a clean slate. A chance for start fresh

Used in the moments when we feel ourselves falling deeper into outbursts and bad decisions. Yep, that is when we press the Reset Button. 

Too many times I see my children get upset when things don’t go their way or something ‘bad’ happens (i.e. someone took the toy or the last piece of candy).  Their anger grows and  they continue down this path until they end up in timeout, punished or threatened with harsh consequences. 

 In their minds, the opportunity to turn the ship around has passed. So, they keep pushing the envelope. But, they should be pushing the Reset Button. 

Try it out next time you sense your child is about to throw a tantrum, or in the middle of one-or even at the end.  And, here is a tip, it’s not just for kids. My husband and I ask each other for resets all the time too.  

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