The Comparison Trap

I sat in a room full of beautiful women listening to them talk about how hard it is to get on social media. They were working moms and kept seeing posts from stay at home moms playing in the park and doing crafts with their kids all day. And then comparison started to creep in…

We live in a world filled with perfect Pinterest parties and happy Facebook posts that always fail to capture the poop that so often lands in our laps (both figuratively and literally).

It’s hard to not look at Polly, who is posting gourmet recipes for her 10 month old daughter in her perfect, CLEAN, kitchen with her perfect dog and smiling, happy 10 month old and not feel pangs of jealousy. It’s hard to not compare your child’s hot dog dinner (with strawberries…ahem) and your messy kitchen to hers’. It’s hard to not see that mom of 5 excelling at work, while you’re barely surviving with 1. It is so hard to not compare your inadequacies to her seeming adequacies.

But that’s the trap. The moment you start comparing yourself to her – or anyone else – you lose. You lose perspective. You lose joy. You lose appreciation.

And what you didn’t see is that 10 month old throwing all of the gourmet food on the floor, screaming at the top of her lungs while the dog goes to town on the food that will make him sick for days all over Polly’s clean house.

I digress.

When you feel yourself sliding into the comparison trap, remember God created YOU to raise your child(ren). Marry your spouse. Be single. Divorced. Work. Stay at home.


Not me. Not perfect Polly. You.

No one’s life is perfect. Staying at home doesn’t make it perfect. Working doesn’t make it perfect. Being single doesn’t make it perfect. Being married doesn’t make it perfect. Having children only makes you realize you’re not perfect.

Because, even if this comes as a surprise, you’re not. She’s not. He’s not.

You are uniquely equipped for the life you’ve been given. You are equipped to raise that beautiful child. You are the best one for the job.

So stop comparing yourself to others. It’s a trap that you will struggle to get out of.

After all, comparison is the thief of joy.

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