Terrible Two’s and Threenager Stage – The Fun Stops Here

Holy batman people…WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH MY CHILDREN?? I’ve officially entered the twilight zone that is the terrible two’s and the threenager stage. AT THE SAME TIME. 

If you are unfamiliar with either of these stages, and perhaps aren’t blessed with getting to know them BOTH at the same time, it’s like a never-ending battle with two tiny people that want cheerios and specific cups and their food chopped up a certain way. And don’t you dare give them whatever it is they asked for 5 seconds prior or you might as well have run over their favorite toy and tossed it in the trash. 

My patience is nearly non-existent by 10 A.M. For those of you  that haven’t entered into this over-dramatic world filled with kicking and screaming, air punching, LOTS of tears, horrible attitudes and all around crankiness, crack open a  bottle of wine at the end of your rainbow because you will need it, Momma!

It wasn’t always like this…

In fact, things have been pretty rosy up to this stage, and I must say, this part sucks. I’m not going to sugar coat it folks. It blows. I’ve actually decided that I may not even leave the house with my children until it passes. And although I was warned (much as you are being warned at this very moment) there is no avoiding it. I knew it was coming. I just didn’t know how fast it would arrive and leave me completely blind-sided.  And yes, I read numerous parenting books and scholarly journals from Dr. Google, I received advice from friends (and strangers), I searched mommy-blogs and consulted with my pediatrician, but it still arrived and I am ready for it to go away now. 

So what do I do when my head is spinning in circles? I call my best friend. She convinces me that I am not the world’s most horrible parent and assures me that “this too shall pass.”

 Her advice sounds a lot like this: 

“Do you provide them with food, shelter, water, and clothing every day……” 

“Do you provide them with your love and support…….”

” Do you teach them love and kindness……..?”

“That’s normal, and IT’S OKAY!  Parenting is HARD and  kids can push Your buttons. Kids can drive us to our breaking-point It’s because we love them so much that every little thing they do impacts our mood and emotions. Take a deep breathe, give yourself some grace, and keep on pushing forward.” 

We all survive the crazy days. Tonight, when the post-dinner and bed-time meltdown ensues, I’ll crack open the wine, pour an extra tall glass, and toast to you, Momma.  Take a deep breath and remember that tomorrow is a new day. Girl, you got this. 



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