When Technology Does a Mom Right

Mom confession. Or, a Momfession, if you will. I really don’t like technology that much. I’m not what you call an “early adapter”. It took years of convincing to give up my beloved blackberry and trade it for the iPhone. I still miss the keyboard.

I rarely wear my Apple Watch because it’s a whole big thing to charge an extra device each night. I’m paranoid about having a Google Home or Alexa because I just don’t trust a device that lets you listen-in at any time from any location. I won’t purchase a WIFI baby monitor because I know there’s a creep trying to hack into it somewhere. I’m probably the worst Millennial ever in this respect.

But then sometimes…just once in a blue moon…I get over myself and realize that as a mom, technology really saves my butt sometimes. A lot of the time. ALL the time, actually

I was struck with this realization one day when I left the house with a sick toddler in tow. The goal of the excursion was to get to the doctor and get some meds. Maybe pick up some lunch and take it home. A trip I anticipated to take about 2 hours.

But to my surprise, we were in and out of the doctor in 20 minutes. Amazing, right? They sent in an electronic-prescription for my little guy, so we had some time to kill while the pharmacy filled the script. 

Before we left the Doctor’s office, I punched our lunch order into the Chick-Fil-A app so our food would be ready to go by the time we arrived. I pulled into my special parking space, the food was delivered to my car, and  we left the restaurant within 5 minutes. Off to the pharmacy! Mom sneaking a few waffle fries on the way. SHHH. 

Pharmacy drive-through: 2 minutes and DONE. On our way home! The whole trip took about 30 minutes and I never had to get out of the car after we left the doctor’s office. I drove home with a smile on my face because I was, for once, truly appreciative of the technology I have at my disposal. Mom WIN.

So yeah, technology’s not all that bad. I’m grateful for a lot of it.

I’m grateful for digital thermometers. I’m grateful doctors no longer treat illnesses by putting leeches on patients. I’m grateful for Netflix streaming. I’m grateful for the ability to google just about anything. I’m grateful for video baby monitors [but still for the love of God NOT the WIFI kind]. I’m clearly grateful for drive-through pharmacies, GROCERY PICK-UP [HOLLAAAA] and the Chick Fil A app. 

So thank you, technology. You’re not an adversary. You’re actually a pretty rad pal. Still annoying sometimes, but definitely a life-saver. Let’s be friends forever.

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