Summer Sculpting: Pilates Ball

It’s July and time for round 2 of our summer sculpting series. Did you think we forgot? Fear not. 

This post actually began with “It’s July and it’s hot” but frankly, who needs me to state the obvious? No one. We all know it’s hot, which is why Betsy at FreeRide studio created 4 MORE exercise moves you can do in the comfort of air conditioning your own home to get toned and tightened up. If you missed our first series of moves, you can check it out here.

So, who loves a pilates ball?

But, what if you don’t own a pilates ball, like moi? It’s totally okay–any playground ball will do. 

1. Tabletop Hip and Seat
Tabletop position for seatwork is a staple at FreeRide in the FreeBarre classes and this exercise is designed to work your glutes and inner thighs.
Start on all fours with wrists underneath shoulders and knees below hips, then pull your belly button in and lengthen your tailbone. Engage your core and lift right knee out to the side parallel with your hip. Cross it behind you while squeezing your inner thighs together. Do 20-25 reps and then switch sides.
2.  Rollups
This is a full-body movement designed to work your core, but the instability of the pilates ball kicks it up a notch, or 5…
Start in a straight-arm plank position with the ball underneath your shins and hands below shoulders and then pull your shoulder blades down and together. Pressing into the ball, slowly pull your knees up towards your chest focusing on your abdominals. Bonus Points: Hold your knees in and add a push up! Do 10-15 ab rollups, take a break, and repeat.
3. Pushups with a Pilates Ball:
They do a lot of push ups in FreeBarre, like every. single. class. Pushups not only strengthen your chest and tone your arms, but they also work your core in a major way. Here’s how to incorporate a ball to create instability to get a deeper burn.
Start with arms slightly wider than your shoulders, pressing one hand into the floor and one hand on top of the ball, then draw your heels into your seat (or you can do this on your toes). Engage your core by lifting your belly button up and in, then slowly bend your elbows and lower your chest towards the floor. Do 15 reps and then switch sides.
4. Bridges
Most clients say they feel bridge work more in their glutes than lower spine, but this exercise is actually great at working your core and lower back. This variation also targets your inner thighs and hamstrings.
Start by lying on the floor with your palms down by your side, knees bent,  and heels in line with your hips. Place the ball a little higher than your knees and then flex your left foot as you stretch your right toes to the ceiling. With your shoulders relaxed, exhale as you lift your hips off the floor until your body is in a straight line from your knees to your shoulders. Squeeze the ball activating your inner thighs and then squeeze your glutes. Inhale your breath as you roll down one vertebrae at a time. Do 15-20 reps and then switch sides.


Special thanks to FreeRide Studio for taking the time to develop these moves, create these spectacular GIFs and give us all an opportunity to have the #bestbootiesinBentonville.

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