Would You Rather: Moms Edition

I really love this mom version of “would you rather.” I love to read peoples’ responses and I love to hear new ones. It’s so much fun to read different perspectives of mommy-ing and how some things bother some people and not others. So here’s my list of “would you rathers” compiled from the experiences of myself and my tribe.

Would you rather step in water and have wet socks or step on a lego?

Would you rather give up alcohol or coffee?

Would you rather have to deal with teething or pink eye or an ear infection?

Would you rather take your kids to Chucky Cheese with a hangover or tell them their favorite stuffed animal/blanket is in the laundry?

Would you rather shower in peace or poop in peace? 

Would you rather have someone clear your table, do your dishes, and sweep your floor after every meal or have someone do, fold, and put away all the laundry all the time?

Would you rather live in a 900 or 9,000 sq. ft. house?

Would you rather clean up poop or puke?

Would you rather do grocery shopping alone or Target shopping alone?

Would you rather eat your food when its still hot or drink your coffee when it’s still hot?

Would you rather change all the poopy diapers or give all the baths?

Would you rather have to attend a birthday party every weekend or have after-school activities every weekday?

Would you rather be able to take a nap everyday or eat all your food without having to share everyday?

I’d love to read your responses and any “would you rathers” you have going on in your lives!


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