Raising Sensitive Boys

Ever  since I found out I was expecting my first, I just new I wanted to be a boy mom. Boys seemed much more easy going, and lets face it.. I didn’t want to deal with a mini me… and I don’t think my husband could either! Two boys later and I couldn’t be happier. Especially now that my oldest is starting to show interest in baseball. (my absolute favorite!) 

One aspect of being a boy mom I didn’t really consider was the “roles” my boys are supposed to fit into. My oldest, is a little on the sensitive side, and that can be hard to talk about. Don’t get me wrong he is allll boy; everything is a sword, jumping in mud puddles, dinosaur loving boy. He just wears his heart on his sleeve. I love that about him, he isn’t afraid to tell how he feels and isn’t afraid to show his emotions. I feel that will be beneficial to future relationships. A lot of young boys are told to “suck it up” and are punished for showing their emotions because it “is not manly.” Although I do not want to baby my son in any way, I feel that helping him express his emotions will truly be beneficial for him in the future. I know that it is my responsibility as his mother to raise a man that will be a good partner, friend and (possible) father. Bottling up emotions and being afraid to speak about how you feel can make for tough times in relationships.

I feel that boys have a tough time when it comes to this subject, many men think that if their boys are allowed show emotions it makes them less than a “manly man” and we are coddling them. I do agree that sometimes women can baby their sons, but how can we not? They’re our babies. But learning where to draw the line can be difficult I try to be intentional in how I react to my sons emotions.

My son is only five and I know his personality is going to develop and grow in many ways, as it should. I pray that this part of his personality sticks with him as he grows and develops into the man he will become. 

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