What Your Pediatrician Wants You to Know About Flu Season

A show of hands for all those who are completely and totally over this season of sickness:

For most of us, 2018 will got down as THE WORST season of the flu we’ve experienced to date and on the heels of popular posts such as If You’re Sick, STAY HOME! , we wondered what was going on in the minds of our ever faithful pediatricians.  I mean, they’re just as overwhelmed by all of this as we are. So, in the midst of their thousands of patients, lack of bathroom breaks, returning of phone calls, and calling in Tamiflu by the truckload, this was the response we got (in addition to getting the flu vaccine):  

Wash your hands! The flu and other viruses are spread by respiratory droplets. After you cough or sneeze you need to wash your hands to prevent spread of the virus. It is best to actually cough and sneeze in a kleenex or your shirt sleeve. It’s best to just keep your hands away from your face and mouth.

Shelf Life: You are contagious to other people starting from 24 hours prior to symptoms to approximately 5 days after symptoms.

Medication: Tamiflu is an antiviral medication that can help improve your symptoms by approximated 24-48 hours. It will also decrease how contagious you are to others. It works best if given within 48 hours of symptoms. You will need to see your doctor for a prescription of Tamiflu.

Appetites: One concern parents have about the flu and other flu like illnesses is that it causes their child to have a decreased appetite. It is okay that kids don’t want to eat as much as normal, but must be drinking enough fluids to stay hydrated. Once they start to feel better their appetite will improve.

School: Children may go back to school after being diagnosed with flu when they have been fever free for 24 hours.

Call you Doctor; Don’t Wait. We are in an epidemic of influenza right now. Our ERs and waiting rooms are full. Please see your doctor for any symptoms that are flu like (i.e. cough, fever, vomiting,) and know your providers are doing their best to see and treat everyone accordingly.

Thanks to our friends at Harvey Pediatrics for providing us with this great content!

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