Past Due 101

The due date.

The date you wait in anticipation for, for 9 long, extremely exciting/anxious/bloated months.

Anyone who has ever been pregnant knows the estimated due date is THE DAY you count down to, the day that is engraved in your head, and the only time you get excited about food expiration dates!

For me, I was nearly TWO WEEKS past due. Those two weeks were slow. Paint dried faster. Molasses dripped faster. Turtles slugged through peanut butter faster than those two weeks went by. Though in hindsight it was only two weeks, at that point in my pregnancy if you had told me an entire lifetime had passed by, I would have believed it.  In fact, I started believing my son just may attend kindergarten while in the womb. One night I was so upset that I wasn’t progressing at all (like, at.all. I wasn’t even dilated)…my sweet husband suggested that we go out to eat. We arrive to the restaurant and he looks at me and says “you are not going to enjoy this meal. ” Truer words were never spoken. He proceeds to order the spiciest food on the menu! We were literally crying the food was so spicy AND IT DID NOTHING (except to make us laugh)! One thing I’ve learned in the wisdom of hindsight is that being overdue does nothing to help your sense of rational thought or behavior. 

To the Past Due Mama-
Hang in there!  I know you do not believe it right now, BUT you will not be pregnant forever. You are not alone if you’ve done so many crazy things just to feel like you’re doing something to speed up the process and send the baby an eviction notice. I promise you, I did them all. I’m not going to tell you to enjoy this time, because someone telling me that would’ve made me punch a pillow. So, my advice? Do what makes you happy. Will walking, eating spicy food, taking evening primrose oil, or standing on your head REALLY make you go into labor? Who knows. Fortunately (or unfortunately) your baby will come whenever he or she is ready.

To the Very Excited Friends and Family-
She needs your support, but please don’t ask her every single time you see her when is the baby is coming. She doesn’t know. The only time this is a permissible and appropriate question is  if she has scheduled an inducement, then you probably know that information, but if not,  then she has no idea how to answer your question of when the baby is actually arriving.  Another important thing to keep in mind, is that if she doesn’t want to be induced asking her often could make her feel even more anxious and sad if she ends up having to change her original birth plan. I know it seems silly, but be extra nice and encouraging. Offer to bring her dessert or meet her for lunch on a random day. Being past due can feel like your life is on a temporary hold so she might be afraid to make plans in advance. Definitely don’t ask her if she is EVER going to have the baby, she probably feels that the answer is no. She loves that you call and text, but try not to make every single conversation about the baby, it will help to get her mind off of it a little bit!

Life is down right frustrating when you are past due.  But, then, he (or she!) arrives. It’ll be sooner than you realize and as cheesy as it sounds, trust me when I say it will be well worth the wait!

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