An Open Letter to My Child’s Generation

Your world right now is so small. It’s full of cute little sneakers, dinosaur backpacks and goldfish crackers. I hope that your world stays this small, at least for a little while longer. 

Because when your world gets bigger, it becomes infinitely more complicated. Right now, your classmates are your best friends, and you’re all equals. The world hasn’t tainted your mind with its biases. Today, you’re still just friends on the playground.

One day, you’ll learn something you weren’t taught at home, or maybe you were taught at home, and it will change the way you see your classmates. You’ll start to notice differences between you and friends at school. You notice your hair is different. You notice your skin tone is different. Then you witness someone being treated differently because of the way they look. You start to understand what isolation means. 

My hope for you my child –  and for your generation – is that you don’t understand what it means to be silent. My prayer is you find your voice and speak up when you witness injustice and prejudice in the world. I hope you understand that different is beautiful, and that diversity makes you stronger. I hope your generation understands this better than mine. 

I don’t know if there is a name for you yet, but to my child’s generation, I hope you always maintain the simple and innocent affection for your friends that you have today. Keep that part of your world small and simple – at least a little while longer.

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