Why Monday Isn’t the Worst Day of the Week

I’m just going to come right out and say it: I have never understood this hatred for Monday. Who came up with the idea of hating Monday and why are we being told to hate it? I get the whole going back to work part of it, but do you dislike your job so much that every Monday is awful? Was your weekend really that awesome, relaxing and chill that you dread it being over? Am I the only one who thinks weekends aren’t the most relaxing two days of the week? Of course I enjoy lazy Saturday mornings where everyone stays in their pajamas and I get to drink once-brewed-but-thrice-microwaved coffee, but once that little slice of morning time is over it’s GO TIME for the rest of the weekend. When Sunday night rolls around it seems like I’ve blinked and it’s over. All I’m left with is the seemingly unanswerable question of, “what in the world just happened during these past two days?! I didn’t accomplish any of the things I needed to and I can’t even remember anything I did!” 

That all being said, I like Mondays and, in a way, look forward to them. It’s a chance to get back into the routine that the weekend inevitably throws way out of whack. The kids get off to school (well, at least some of them), I drink lukewarm coffee, forget to eat breakfast and then I go to the gym. It’s my routine. Monday morning is like my security blanket. When I get back from the gym I feed myself and the baby and then he takes an afternoon nap. Monday afternoon is my calm before the never-ending cyclical weekday storm that is being a SAHM. It’s my refresh from the weekend time, it’s when I figure out my to-do list for the rest of the week, and it’s also usually when I take my first shower since Friday. When baby’s naptime is over I pick up the other three offspring, we eat, we play, and then I probably yell at them for leaving their socks on the floor AGAIN.  I blink my eyes and my husbands home, it’s dinner time, and then bed. Mondays fly by, they are great and I love them. All the Monday-hating memes that are floating around out there can go sulk in the corner away from me because in my world, Monday is awesome. Move over, Beyonce because Monday is Queen. I love you, Monday.

Tuesday, however, is another story. If Monday is like Beyonce then Tuesday is like Kenny G. I loathe Tuesdays and in fact I’d say eighty percent of the time I hate them. All those Monday-hating memes should be Tuesday-hating memes. Tuesday is the worst. If crap is going to go down, or hit the fan, or whatever, you can bet it’s going to happen on a Tuesday. I don’t plan for all the messes of life to happen on Tuesdays, they just do because Tuesday hates me. And I hate Tuesdays and now we’re stuck in this vicious cycle of severely disliking each other. I sure as heck will not be the first one to apologize either.  So I’ll continue to sit here hating on Tuesdays until Tuesday decides to buck up and apologize for acting like a crazy fool all the time. Tuesday. T”ewe”sday. See, you can’t even say “Tuesday” without saying “ewe”. Tewesday is my Crapday. It’s totally a thing.

Whether you know it or not, we all have our one day of the week that seems to consistently slap us in the face. Tuesday for me. Thursday for my friend. What’s your day? I bet you have one and if you don’t, just wait, it’ll come. You’ll wake up one morning with a feeling of dread that seemingly came out of nowhere. And then somewhere in between your third and fourth sip of lukewarm-borderline-cold coffee you’ll have an epiphany- all the bad things, the crap things, all the times you LOST IT for no reason- they all happened on that specific day of the week. Congratulations you’ve found your Crapday. Welcome to the club. We have badges. And memes. And none (ok, very few) of them involve Monday.    

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