Mom, Thank You Just Isn’t Enough


Mother’s Day is coming up in a few days and I want to give you the perfect gift that really says thank you for all you have done for me. I looked at some flowers and some jewelry, but neither seemed just right. I picked up a cute yard decoration that would make you smile, but it didn’t convey what I feel for you.

It seems that after all these years I still haven’t figured out how to thank you properly.  After all, you are the woman who brought me into this world. You carried me within your womb for nine long months. It was your heart that made mine beat. The touch of your hand comforted me in a way that only you could.  You showed me the world from the safety of your arms before I was able to explore it myself.

How do I thank you for that?

Your smile told me everything would be okay when I knocked out my front teeth and busted my knee open in a bicycle wreck. You hid your tears well on my first day of school so I wouldn’t be scared. When I gave you 12 hours notice that I needed a costume, you stayed up all night sewing me one.  When I didn’t make the team, you helped me focus on my successes and not my failure. 

How do I repay you for the love you showed me in those moments?

You encouraged me to dream big. You refused to let me sell my self short. When I became a mom myself, you let me lean on you when it was hard. I called you at midnight to ask why my baby wouldn’t stop crying, and you patiently helped calm me down and reassured me I wasn’t a total failure. When I experienced loss, I felt your heart aching right along with mine. You were the light when my world was only darkness.  

Can words really express my gratitude?

You see, I just don’t think “thank you” will ever be good enough for you Mom. No gift will ever fully express my appreciation for all you have given to me.  Instead, I would like to offer you this promise.

I promise to try every day to be the mom that my kids deserve. The mom you have always been to me.  I will lean in when things get hard.  I will let my kids spread their wings and soar, even if I know they will probably fall soon after. When they do, I will be their soft place to land. I will often choose to put the happiness of my children ahead of my own. My kids will always know exactly how much I love them. They will never wonder if I’m on their side. In short, I will be the mom you raised me to be.

By being the wonderful mother that you are, you have impacted the lives of many others.  Not only did you shape the mom that I am, but your love and devotion will live on in our family for generations to come. 



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