To The Mama Who Messed Up Today

Some days are picturesque. You float around meeting everyone’s requests with a smile. You pack healthy lunches (with a little surprise treat), you play three games of Uno and snuggle with every kid. You feel like you totally have this Mama-thing down.

Some days you forget to put snacks in the backpacks and snap at the child who just wants you to look up from your phone.

Some days you ROYALLY screw it up and end the day just hoping the neighbors didn’t hear you yelling.


But guess what? Tomorrow is another day. And more importantly, your kids still think that you are pretty awesome… just for being their Mama.

Maybe most importantly, your kids are learning from you every day. Some days they learn about kindness, patience and giving. Some days they learn about consequences (like what happens when someone is concentrating and you yell in their ear.) Some days they learn that everyone messes up from time to time and about the power of “Please forgive me.”

It’s all learning and the stuff about messing up just might be the most useful lesson of all.

So, even on the days when you feel like you messed it ALL up, remember that you’ve got some pretty big fans who are always excited to see you and always willing to give you another chance.

Don’t worry, Mama. You’ve got this.


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