Listening Ears

I probably ask my three year old to turn on his “listening ears” about 200 times a day. There are so many things I ask him to do, try to teach him, and try to get him to listen to; but what about the things I’m not asking him to listen to?

The other day it hit me that his “listening ears” are on more than I realize. As I was putting him to bed one night, he began saying things to his stuffed animal that were word for word things I had said to him and asked him to do that evening before bed. Thankfully, it had been an easy transition to bed time that night! That really got me thinking about the way I speak to him, to my husband, and even things I say about myself in front of him. He’s listening, and soaking everything in. The things that I say and do are shaping his little mindset about this world and about himself, every single day. Right now, I am his biggest influence, being that he spends more time with me than anyone else. I certainly want to be a good steward of this short time that I have been given to be a strong and positive influence as a parent. Parenting is not just the things we say and do intentionally with our children, but even more so the day to day and how we live in front of them. They listen.

I feel like during this stage of development, he is learning so many words, how to associate things, and how to deal with his emotions….and he is learning it from me! That is a heavy weight to bear. So, at the end of the day, I will probably have things I wish I would have said, or even more things that I wish I could take back, but each morning is a new chance to be more intentional, and think before I speak. I’m part of shaping who he will be in the future, and I want him to be strong and proud of who he is.

Those listening ears are turned on, momma. Click click. 

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