Late-Blooming Chocolate Lover

It took 26 years for me to like chocolate. 
That’s right, I spent a good chunk of my life not liking chocolate.  (I’ll give you a minute to process…)
In order for me to tolerate it, it had to be mixed with something, mainly a lot of peanut butter. Save a few fancy Godiva truffles, chocolate /peanut butter combos (heavy on the peanut butter), and my Mema’s homemade chocolate pie, I would choose fruit or vanilla over chocolate any day of the week. 
No, I wasn’t sick. I did not have some kind of dairy or cocoa allergy. In fact, I never really liked chocolate until I had a baby. I have a theory for this: I didn’t NEED chocolate until I had a baby. I never craved it until I was in my third trimester with E, when I could polish off a Ritter chocolate bar in record time. Fast forward to my post baby world and in it included a colicky baby; I needed chocolate to survive. Late nights, early mornings, temper tantrums, teething…give me the chocolate. That magical cocoa bean has healing powers, y’all. Healing powers. It can make a toddler tantrum go from unbearable to tolerable. It can also make the crazy hour before Daddy comes home pass with a bit more ease. 
So, what’s your prescription? I prefer a Swiss milk chocolate, chocolate with butter biscuit, and I can’t forget my classic chocolate mixed with peanut butter. And yes, in true mom fashion, I hide my chocolate. No shame here. 

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