How My Kids Ended Up in My Bed

I told myself I’d never let my children sleep in my bed. (I also told myself a lot of things during my pre-Mommy days). The things I swore I would never do quickly changed when my first child was born.

When my (now) three year old entered the world, we told our friends we would never let our kids sleep in our bed for fear of starting a bad habit. We wanted our kids to have their own space and vice-versa. 

Separate sleeping arrangements would help us establish boundaries. It would benefit our marriage and give my husband and I quiet time without the kids. It would allow us to have meaningful adult conversations. Well folks, the day has arrived and I can officially insert foot-in-mouth because I now have not one, but TWO crazy kiddos that ask to snuggle and sleep in our bed (every. single. night). And, I let them. Go ahead, call me a big ol’ hypocrite–I deserve it. I’m sure my friends reading this are laughing and doing just that, but y’ is HARD. Have you ever tried to argue with a toddler? I’ll let you in a little secret–you can’t. 

Some days I cave because I don’t have any fight left in me. No doubt it takes away from meaningful time with my husband, but I can’t resist the little voice that says, “Mommy want to snuggle?” My heart melts into a million pieces and I am completely powerless. 

Most nights, my littlest ends up directly on top of me and my three year old is smashed up against us, and truth be told, I don’t mind it one bit. I am not completely throwing in the towel. I’ll attempt to break the bad habit we have created because our family functions better with structure, but I won’t force it. Mommas, I’ve come to the realization that the days are long and years are short and this hectic {not sleeping}  phase shall pass, just like every other phase.

Momma, remember to graciously accept each and every snuggle from your little ones. Willingly embrace their bear-hugs and tiny arms wrapped around your neck. Allow them to nudge a little bit deeper into your neck. Pick them up when your arms seem too tired. Hold them for no reason other than to feel their little hearts beating on your chest. Kiss their cheeks 1000 times a day, and then do it 1,000 more. Do all of this while they still want your affection, adore your presence, and need you by their side. Our babies need our affection. They thrive off of it. Enjoy the moments–it sure goes quick.

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