Inspire Med Spa: Helping Mom Get Her Groove Back

The holidays are sure to dazzle, but Mom can feel the frazzle! Tired? Depleted from the hustle and bustle of, well…life? As it turns out, beauty is actually more than skin deep. So, too, are energy and feminine vitality. The latest in medical technology, now available exclusively in Northwest Arkansas at Inspire Med Spa, is proving that.

The root cause of aging lies at the cellular level, a byproduct of stress, hormonal changes and nutritional deficiencies. Fractura goes beyond the quick fix at the surface level and enables a holistic approach. Fractura treats age spots, wrinkling, discoloration and uneven texture through microneedling and radiofrequency— more deeply penetrating the dermal layer, tightening skin and stimulating collagen growth.

But what about those other pesky symptoms that no one sees—urinary incontinence following childbirth or vaginal dryness and loss of elasticity? They are nothing to sneeze at (literally) and can be huge disruptions to a mom’s active lifestyle. Votiva, the only FDA cleared device, treats stress incontinence and vaginal dryness and discomfort with little downtime or side effects unlike surgery or prescriptions.

Inspire Med Spa offers IV Nutraceuticals, a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, which strengthen and fuel cell formation and function. Inspire Med Spa also analyzes hormonal levels and customizes a regimen of bioidentical hormones.

Santa’s got a brand new bag, as does Inspire Med Spa! Check it out at the new Bentonville location, 2104 S.E. 14th Street.  Join us for the Grand Unveiling on December 5th, from 4:30 to 7:30. Enjoy gourmet refreshments, door prizes and special event pricing. Sarah Knife Chief, M.D., treating physician; Heather Pile, Director of Clinical Operations; and the Inspire Med Spa staff will share a sleigh-full of information about how to stop the aging process in its tracks!

So… how young do you want to feel?


Heather Pile, Director of Clinical Operations

479-250-3788 ext 1111

Email: [email protected]

This article has been brought to you by our partner, Inspire Med Spa!

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