Inaugural Easter Egg Hunt :: Recap

Our Inaugural Annual Easter Egg Hunt was sponsored by Willow Creek Women’s Hospital and Harvey Pediatrics. We could not have made this event happen without their support. The title sponsors  helped us execute every detail of the event and were a huge source of encouragement on the day of the event. It’s such a pleasure work with such gracious and professional hosts. 


First and certainly most important, we have to pause to say thank you to our community of readers for your continued support at our events. Meeting you face-to-face makes our community feel smaller and closer. YOU give us purpose and passion and fuel our desire for future family events. Thank you, Northwest Arkansas parents!

Table Sponsors: 

Table sponsors make our events go round. Creating community goes beyond families and moms getting to know one another. The local businesses that attend our events not only make them possible, but they provide opportunities for small businesses and neighbors to learn about each other, partner and enrich the day to day life of those of us who live here. Local businesses are the heart and soul of every community and we are no different. Shop local and shop small quite literally means supporting friends. 

Candy Sponsor ::

Anyone else sick of their Reese’s PB eggs? Us either. We could eat them all day, every day.  Thank you to Hershey’s for being our exclusive candy sponsor. We could not have filled 4000 Easter Eggs without your generosity!

Mom Hunt Sponsors ::

We could talk for daaaaays about the #MomHunt. Seriously. When we began planning our Easter Egg Hunt, an Easter Egg Hunt specifically and exclusively for Moms was in order and right up our alley. We’ve already made a list of how to make it bigger and better next year.  We had over THIRTY Golden Eggs and sent moms home with everything from coffee gift-cards to spa treatments. There’s a special thank you reserved for all those who helped us fulfill our mission of loving on moms in Northwest Arkansas!

Photography and Videography Sponsors ::

It’s true what they say; at the end of the day all you have left is pictures, so invest wisely. We take this to heart and couldn’t be more grateful for the skills and talent of  Lauren Everett Photography for capturing the event and Tommy Gautier Photography for the videography. We know Northwest Arkansas families will cherish these photos for years to come, and we love reliving all the small moments that make an event such as this so magical. 

The NWAMB Team doesn’t run without our team of volunteers and workers. These women make it run smoothly!! 

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