I’m Not Boring, I’m A Mom

I used to be cuter, thinner and maybe even a little more fun. I will always look back at the pre-mom me with fond memories and be envious of her from time to time. 

I’ll admit, there was even a period I was adjusting to motherhood, and I came to grips with the fact that I was “just” a boring mother now. I got a sassy short new haircut one day I loved. What happened? Everyone said “Ohhh you got a mom cut! How cute!” Umm, NO. I got a HAIR cut. If I got this exact same style pre-baby, no one would call it a “mom” cut. I was offended by the phrase because I knew my identity was forever intwined with the fact that I was a mom. I was no longer just ME.

The only things I could contribute to conversations were about sleep schedules and breastfeeding. I remember FEELING boring and wondering if I’d ever be interesting again. 

As I settle into what feels like a more seasoned phase of my motherhood, I realize how lovely and colorful it all is. There’s nothing like a toddler to show you how joyful the simplest things in life can be. I take a step back and look at the things I used to see as “boring mom stuff” and see how they now make me funny, quirky and fun. 

Why yes, I now look forward to watching the documentary on North Korea I recorded. #BeJealous #FridayNightGetFunky

Also, boogers no longer gross me out. Like at all. Besides, they’re never my boogers anyway. 

And fine, maybe I opened the Talbots magazine that magically came to my house and SUPER loved the clothes inside. I’m a little embarrassed about this one (but not really.) 

Okay, I am a grown woman now and carry a designer purse because it makes me feel good about myself. The fact that it’s filled with fruit snack wrappers, tractor toys, used tissues and God knows what else is IRRELEVANT. #FakeNews.  

And can somebody explain to me WHEN sparkling water magically starting tasting SO FREAKING GOOD? But keep that La Croix crap to yourself – Mama wants a Pellegrino. 

Speaking of beverages, is there some magic motherhood rule that you mentally NEED all the wine, but physically can only tolerate like an ounce? The first few sips always taste soooo good, and I really want that second glass,  but I know the headache is NOT worth it and OMG why does my head hurt after 2 sips?! #PasstheTylenol #AndtheAleve #Whyareyouyelling

Also, one thing motherhood does to you – it makes you oblivious to having random parts of your body exposed at any given time. Case in point: I’m no longer bothered by the holes in the legs of my favorite pajamas. Or the holes in the armpit. Or the holes in the crotch. Pretty much as long as my favorite pajamas stay upright we’re good, I don’t mind a little breeze. 

You see, where I once lamented the end of my youth and most interesting years, I am coming to find that the most interesting and exciting years are still ahead of me. Motherhood is fun, funny and exciting. I’m always laughing (both AT and WITH myself). 

And while I will sometimes miss the Pre-Mom Me, the Now-Me is authentic, well-rounded and whole. To be honest, that’s the me I’d rather roll with. #BeAuthentic #LoveYourself #MommingIsCool

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