I Am The Stump

At the end of the day I feel like a stump. Not just any stump, I’m referring to the stump in one of my favorite books to read to my boys, Shel Silverstein’s, The Giving Tree. 

The message is, ’tis better to give than to receive. I am behind that message 100% and try to instill it in my children. But the very book I read to my littles mocks me nightly. Because I am that stump. 

At the end of the day (more like 4pm) I feel like I have nothing left to give my boys. I am the stump. 

During the day I have tried to keep my boys happy, tried to love, to be kind, to discipline. To teach right from wrong, show how to share and how to be a good big brother. I’ve instructed them on how to say sorry and mean it, how to crack an egg and how to hold a pencil. 

My kids have eaten and sold my apples, played in my leaves, swung from my branches, cut off my limbs and hollowed out my trunk to make boat and now I’m a stump and they’re sitting on me. 

Tomorrow I’ll be a tree again and they can play in my leaves and swing on my branches but tonight, my children, you’ve left me a stump. I’m tapped out touched out. Come, children and rest a while.  

 Just sit here and relax on old mom the stump. Please. Just. Sit. 

 Even though I am a stump,  I sit firmly rooted in the ground. Deeply rooted and still there. Hanging on.  And you know what mamas, sometimes that’s all it takes- simply to be there. 

The stump is evidence of the magnificent tree that once was: the amazing day I gave my children, the memories and fun times, the tough mom and the soft mom.  Just like the Giving Tree, at every stage of motherhood and in every moment of each day we are exactly what our children need. We are the giving trees and we are loved and appreciated and still quite useful even when we are left feeling like an old stump. 


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