I am drowning in pictures

I am overwhelmed  with all of my digital keepsakes. Please tell me you are too. I have too many pictures of my kids. Too many to deal with and organize. The task is daunting. 

I miss the good ole days of prints. It was a longer process but simpler in many ways. Easier to arrange and less photos to deal with.

How do I choose  (and put them in ) a format that will last for future generations?  Digging through threads and threads on line is frustrating and I am no techie. Most of it makes very little sense to me. 

As a mom, I tend to be organized in most areas of my life, it is a survival skill with four boys.  Yet this is taking over and making me out of control completely. I am at a total loss. Pictures…formats… don’t even get me started on the 10 second video clips. What. To. Do. ? 

So, I do the online photo books, and I realize I can print pics and place them in books myself.There are too many pictures and the books feel intangible and they are not consistent.  (I started with shuuterfly back in the day and now I am all about chatbooks.) It bothers me and my organized ways that they are not all the same, plus the older ones look fuzzy. Call me crazy. Plus every time I find sweet baby pictures on the cutting room floor, a piece of me dies. Not really, but they melt my heart and I want them all. 

When my storage is full on my phone, I start deleting email, Instagram, Facebook- anything but my pictures to make room for …more pictures.  But alas, I really ran out of space and I was forced to come to terms with all the data that is my life in photos. 

For a while I was putting pictures on CDs. Until I learned it wasn’t going to last through the ages, and I don’t even own a DVD player anymore, so were confined to a tiny computer screen to view them. Fail.

I also learned that a thumb drive is good for short term storage, but not long term.  Fail again.

Enter  the cloud. Sounds dreamy. It is not. I did not have a good experience with the cloud and I found out, 8000 picture downloads later, that the cloud is not meant to act as a storage spot for photos, only a back up. So I had to manually download my videos and pics from the cloud and that took me forever and a day. Needless to say, I don’t use the cloud anymore for my main storage.  

So here is what this crazy mom  discovered:

I bought the big mother load external hard rive, in a pretty blue color, it can hold over 1 million pictures.  Once a week, I connect my phone to my computer and upload the pictures and videos to my computer manually- and then move them to my external hard drive. I don’t rely on the wifi to do it or the cloud to manage it all alone.

Now, I feel like I am keeping it simple.  Everything is in one spot. Backed up and easy to access and organize by date.

My children will be able to plug this in to their computer and find photos for their rehearsal dinner slide show now.  (That is if this doesn’t become obsolete before then)  But, hey, it is all in one spot and feels secure. For now.  And I still have those old CDs with the extra back up and the cloud still has most of my stuff as an extra backup. 

The task sounds like torture,  but like everything, consistence is key. Young mamas start now. The rest of us, still working on our baby books for the 2nd child ( 3rd and 4th), you’re not alone. You’ll get through it one pic and clip at a time. Hang in there. ( I am talking to myself) 

Next, comes the problem of how to enjoy the digital photos and pictures in a digital format that isn’t your computer. Well, if you have a smart TV, you may be able to transfer some pics on a thumb drive, plug it into your TV and watch it like that.  You may also be able to plug in your laptop to the TV and watch that way. Apple TV allows you to view pics and videos through their apps on your TV, so thats is another option. I am still figuring it all out. 

What are your best tips for a mom with a photo problem?  


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One Response to I am drowning in pictures

  1. Lauren December 21, 2017 at 7:38 am #

    I have felt the exact same way! I ended up purchasing 2 external hard drives because I have a friend who’s drive crashed and they lost everything. So, I use one as a backup to my backup. Also, I keep them in a fire safe!