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We are proud to partner with Happy Egg to bring you healthy recipes!

It’s always nice to visit the local farmer’s market and come home with quality items that you feel good about feeding to your family. There’s a certain peace of mind that comes with knowing that a little extra love and care went into the products you are purchasing. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to find the highest quality items when life is busy and supermarket shopping is the only option. 

One Rogers-based company has found a way to merge farmer’s market quality eggs with the convenience of everyday supermarket shopping right here in our community. Happy Egg Co. is bringing a new and unique breed of eggs to egg lovers right here in Northwest Arkansas. Happy Egg sells three types of eggs: Free Range, Organic Free Range, and Heritage. The Free Range Blue & Brown Heritage Breed Eggs, feature a true blue & chocolaty brown speckled shell, which encase a premium free-range egg with a rich amber yolk. They are premium, large free range, grade A eggs.


Eggs from Happy Egg Co. come with the promise to be the Free-est of the Free. Each farm provides over 8 acres of land for the hens to enjoy. This gives them the freedom to engage in natural behaviors, making them happier and healthier all the way around. Happy Egg Free Range Blue & Brown Heritage Breed Eggs are American Humane® Certified. 

Eating Happy Egg gives you the peace of mind that you are feeding your family only the healthiest eggs. The hens are fed a natural recipe of grain mixed with vitamins and minerals for the best nutrition. The hens are free to forage for grass and bugs, adding more nutrients to their diet. Well nourished hens produce the highest quality of eggs for your family to enjoy. As a bonus, the rich, plump, amber yolks also lead to deliciously beautiful dishes and recipes.



In short, Happy Egg Co. is making it much easier to find delicious, creamy eggs that come from happy, free range hens that live on over 35 family farms right here in Arkansas and Missouri. 

The best news? Happy Egg’s new Heritage Breed eggs are now available at all Walmart store locations in Northwest Arkansas. For specific locations, you can visit https://happyegg.co/store-locator/

Selecting Happy Egg means showing your support for hard-working farmers, and improved conditions for farm-raised animals. Knowing you are choosing the healthiest, most delicious option for your family makes it one of the easiest decisions you’ll make. 

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