Hanging Up My Heels

Tuesday, September 26, 2017. The day my life changed forever. It didn’t change in one of those dramatic ways, like a baby being born, a marriage, or losing a loved one. This was a more subtle, but equally Earth-shaking, revelation. On this day, my husband got a promotion at work. A promotion that meant I was going to get to stay at home with my girls and leave the working world. 
We had been waiting for this opportunity to arise for 3 years, and it finally seemed that God’s timing was upon us. Just two weeks before, we got a call on a Sunday that this opportunity was available, and we both said yes. 
I can’t say that I’ve always wanted to stay home with my girls. There is no wool over my eyes; I know that I am simply choosing an equally, if not more, difficult path than the one I’m currently on in the corporate world. There are many days where I’m two hours in and think that I can’t possibly make it until bedtime. 
But then I stop and think. About 2020, when my oldest will go to kindergarten. 2031, when she drives herself places. 2035, when my youngest will graduate high school. When they don’t need me as much. When they won’t want me to rub their back, sing silly songs, and sprinkle colored sugar on cinnamon toast. And I realize this incredibly difficult but incredibly rich phase of life is flying by. The world of broken crayons, character bandaids, and princess dresses to the grocery store will soon be a wonderful memory to cherish when my teenage daughters decide that I’m the Meanest Mom in the World. 
So now, I say my prayers, count my blessings, and put my faith in the Good Lord and my husband. I am ever thankful for this opportunity to be pushed to my limits and then some. And with that said, I am all in. I’m hanging up my heels. Trading in work clothes for yoga pants and t-shirts, conference calls for tantrums, and marker research for sing alongs and play dates. 
To all of you moms who stay at home, I admire you so. Whether you are there by choice or not, what you are doing is so difficult. I hope to make you proud of the efforts I am making for my babies. Ultimately, I hope they get to look back with love on the years they got to stay home with their momma.

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