Guide to Consultant Run Businesses in Northwest Arkansas

Welcome to the NWAMB Guide to Consultant Run Businesses. It’s 2018 and we don’t shop brick and mortar any longer. When money seems to be stretched further and further, we care more than ever about what our money buys and who it supports. Thus, we put our money where our heart is, and assembled this guide of local women who are navigating entrepreneurship and giving new meaning to shopping local. Need fantastic skincare? We’ve got products you’ll love and women who are even more loveable. Need to invest in better cookware? Start making your wishlist. Don’t see a consultant run company you love featured? Tag your #momboss and have her contact us! 


Peggy Ford

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Amelia Clark
Mary Elie
Julie Worden

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Lisa Moore
Danielle Dye
Moira Raines

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Michelle Hurst

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"All proceeds from my R+F sales go to purchase cradle cots for hospitals for families who have lost children. As a parent impacted by loss, the ability to have held my children a bit longer is something money could never buy. In a small way, I hope to give other parents something I couldn't have....more time with their children."

Stephanie Coon

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Mary Elie
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