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Do you clip coupons? I do. I consider myself pretty frugal, and hate spending money that I don’t have to spend. Do you often receive gift cards, discount cards, vouchers for “free” things, and the like? Is your wallet overflowing/struggling to zip? Is your purse the place where all gift cards go to die?

All of that was true for me not long ago. And let me tell you how sad it made me to find a gift card, a free meal voucher, or a discount code to use, only to discover it had expired the week before.

Tired of wasting these gifts and effectively losing this free money, I decided to take the concept of my coupon book and give it an upgrade: enter the Gift Card Book.

  Card Organizer 

I found this folio in the $1 section at Target (did I mention I like to stick to a budget?) and love it. I decided the logical way to organize it for my house was by person, and then by home, and of course, food. Pretty simple organization, and it left me with these tabs: E (my daughter), Me, Brett, (my husband,) Food, and Walmart (because in Arkansas, Walmart stands for “all things grocery”).


From there, I dumped all of my gift cards, loyalty cards, discount cards, buy X get 1 free cards – anything except standard grocery coupons, and went through them. I tossed what was old, checked what I didn’t know, and then sorted into 1 of my 5 categories. Extra tip: For gift cards with odd balances left, I wrote the amount on a post-it note and attach it to the card. I update it as I use it, and it makes life SO MUCH easier.



Now that the hard part was over, here’s the part that works well for me – I keep this in my car. No more worrying to grab it before I head out the door. If I keep it in the car, then it’s always with me. If I am out running errands, birthday shopping, out for lunch with friends, or picking up some new clothes or shoes for E (because the only things toddlers do more than say “no” is grow out of clothes, am I right?) then I can simply open my little book to the appropriate tab and see if there is anything there I can use.

Another happy result of this organizer? My giant, overstuffed wallet now has an entirely EMPTY side! So honey, if you are reading this, I could use a smaller wallet for Christmas. 😉

Do you see yourself using this? How do you keep up with all of your gift cards, vouchers, and loyalty cards?

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