Why Getting Away Is So Good (for me)

My recent weekend away with girlfriends was a much needed break from the mundane mommy life I lead these days. It was a time to enjoy adult conversation and drinks and also uninterrupted meals, laughter, inappropriate stories, old memories and pure girl talk. It was 3 glorious days in the city without the title of mom and wife. Instead I got in touch with me, myself and I and the title of friend.

Ahhh. It felt good. 

It felt really good to drop my everyday titles and responsibilities because, and I know I’m not alone in saying this, sometimes life with little ones at home can feel mundane. It can feel boring, it can make me feel unfulfilled, lonely, and regretful even. *

It is that age old grass is greener trap.  I let myself go there in my mind from time. Sometimes, in those moments, regret sneaks up on me and I dream about a life in the city, a career, the hustle and bustle.  Sometimes I dream about my life before kids. Fondly. Very fondly. Maybe even with cat-eye-rose-colored glasses. 

But, here is my biggest takeaway from my weekend away: (Besides a lot of new clothes) I love my life. And getting out of town every now and again pushes me to remember that. For me, getting away with friends is  refreshing and needed. It’s when I gain new perspective on my own life.  My eyes are opened to the love and life that is waiting for me at home. 

On my mini-breaks, I see the true daily grind behind everything and everyone-NOT just the glamours side I have built up in my mind.

My single friends, they are just as curious about how the grass tastes on my side of life as I am about theirs.  Of course I blew-up their fantasy of well-mannered, clean children saying please and thank you at Norman Rockwell style family dinners. And, in return,  they shared truths and colorful stories of not being married with children. After lots of laughs we were all at peace with what we don’t have and what we do have. 

Yes, mom life,  whether you stay home or work outside the home, whether you have one child or six, whether they’re newborns or teenagers, it’s crazy and hectic and yes, for me, I lose my mind everyday around 4pm. But, it’s my life. It’s everything I imagined and more, it’s what I prayed for.  It’s my spot, my people, my home and it’s perfect.  I’m glad to be back in my own daily grind and in the arms of a loving husband and four precious boys.  I just need reminding every now and again. 


*(There are more times when I do feel fulfilled than don’t, and it’s those moments that get me through the less than glamours moments/days/weeks.)

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