Feed Your Fertile Body: The Impact of Nutrition on Fertility

Some of us have an idea of what we should eat when trying to conceive while others don’t seem to give it a second thought.   And if you ask your doctor about foods to support fertility you’re bound to get a variety of answers! The truth is, just like the health of a plant depends on the health of the soil it grows in, so the health of your body will affect your fertility.  No matter what your plan is for growing your family it’s important to understand what you can be doing now to optimize your fertility, and it’s a lot more than just taking a pre-natal vitamin. Whether you’re interested in getting pregnant in the near or distant future, what you feed your body can dramatically impact how quickly that happens.  

I believe the tide is shifting when it comes to understanding the power of food. Modern information is tapping into what our ancestors innately understood. Certain foods can impact fertility as well as the long-term health of a child. Before the age of industrialization and information, cultures around the world relied on experiential information. For millennia woman had practiced pre-conceptual health based off what they had learned from their ancestors, because having strong and healthy children meant their tribe survived.   As Dr. Cate Shanahan said in her book “Deep Nutrition”, “If there were as many scientists researching the rituals performed in ancient kitchens as there are researching examples of ancient civil engineering, it would be common knowledge how to use nutrition to create our own great works, sculpted in bone and flesh.” Today our culture relies on modern medicine for survival and has largely disregarded the ancient wisdom of our ancestors. The good news is that we can tap into both of these resources, combining ancient wisdom with modern science, in an upcoming class called “Feed Your Fertile Body.”    

I’m super excited to be offering this life-empowering class! “Feed Your Fertile Body” is a six-week group class that will provide invaluable information, resources, community, food and fun as you learn about what to feed your body for improved fertility.   The class will focus on understanding the impact of certain nutrient-rich foods, as well as incorporate lifestyle modifications to support hormone health. The information is presented over six weeks, each week building upon the last and teaching you how to make simple changes with big impacts. This class is not limited to those who are seeking to optimize fertility now but also those who think that they might want to have a baby at some point in the future.

This class is a gold mine of information that every woman should know before she gets pregnant. Woman are fertile by nature and so should be thinking about their fertility health long before they think they’re “ready” to get pregnant. Because when the time comes to start planning your family, having this information on hand will make the process much less stressful.   And having less stress while trying to conceive can be life changing for you, and your offspring. Stress can be beneficial but constant worrying and anxiety can also have an impact on fetal development as well as long term health in the child. This study (hyperlinked) concluded that intrauterine stress plays a significant role in the development of childhood and adult obesity, as well as diabetes.  This class goes beyond strictly focusing on food but also incorporates lifestyle techniques for supporting emotional, physical, and mental stress!

For more information on what you’ll learn in this class please check out my website! You can also register for the class and reserve your spot as space is limited. The class will meet weekly for six weeks, and each session will last 1.5 – 2 hours. You will receive weekly emails with reading materials that will have to be read before class, and during class we will discuss the information, digging deeper into your understanding of this powerful information.   This class is unique because there is no other class like it out there. Along with learning valuable life enhancing tips and tricks for improved fertility, I will have traditional foods to sample and taste along the way!  


This program does not guarantee that you’ll get pregnant at the exact time that you want.   What it does guarantee is that you’ll receive empowering knowledge and tools that will help you optimize your hormonal health and fertility. I look forwarding to seeing you at this class. For those who are unable to attend this class in person I do offer an “At Home” study option.   For this option you receive all the same information plus a weekly 30-45 minute phone discussion with me (which can be done via video platform if desired).   If you have any questions about the program and would like to talk with me before enrolling for the class, you’ll find my contact info here (hyperlinked https://www.butternbroth.com/contact) – feel free to email or call me anytime!

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