Don’t You Worry, I Get It

When you become a mom, you instantly join a secret club that bonds you with people you’d never expect. Why? Because we’re all trying to figure out this parenting thing. You’ve probably never been as scared as you have been since you became a parent. Sickness, falls, refusing to eat, fear of SIDS, every single squeak your baby makes. There’s a myriad of things that can create fear inside of a mom.

You realize you can function on less sleep than you ever thought possible, all while driving through the local coffee shop…twice a day. Your time is no longer your own. You will be awakened from a dead sleep with a cute little face breathing on you from half an inch away. Your downtime is carved out between picking up the toys everywhere & the race against nap-time. We’ve all been there. Every. Single. One. Of. Us.

You’ve been up all night, taking care of a sick kid and you’re super worried and stressed. I get it.

You wonder how you’ll get it all done. You find yourself praying for a clone or for more hours or for the ability to run on minimal sleep seemingly unaffected. I get it.

You have pumped so much that you can hear the breast pump in your nightmares. And did I really just drop all of that liquid gold all over the floor? Don’t you worry, I get it. 

You need your kid to behave just this once. And of course, they act terrible…and everyone sees. Parent of the year. We all get it.

You could not make your car more messy, even if you took 500 gold fish bags, poured them all out and then stomped on them. I get it.

Your kid eats the same thing for as many days as you can count. But dinner time is a battle that you always seem to lose, so you pray that milk makes up the nutritional difference. I get it.

You tried so hard to be on time but kiddo had to poop as you were buckling the seat belt…and then he decided he would only get in the car if he can wear that one pair of shoes that you haven’t seen since December. Lord, grant me something close to patience. I get it.

There’s spit up or mashed banana or some unknown stain all over the back of your shirt and you realize it at the end of the day. I get it.

You may have different socks or shoes on and you may have thought your shirt was black instead of navy. Whatever, you’re here and you’re going to own it. I get it.

Your house may have been clean .2 seconds ago but it looks like a 5 bombs went off in…including the pantry. Don’t you worry, I get it.

You see, we’ve all been there. And more often than not, we really need acknowledgment that this is “normal”. As moms, we’re in this together. So instead of judging, just admit you’ve been there.

Because a simple “I get it” may make a world of difference to a tired mom who is trying desperately to figure this parenting thing out.

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