Diaper Changing: There’s An App For That

This is us. These are our girls. This is a raw picture of our life. We were downstairs playing and had a mini photo shoot together. Once done, Addison had to finish saving Elsa on the Doc McStuffins hospital cart while Olivia took all the DVD’s out of their cases.  Growing up, I never had younger siblings or cousins to take care of, never babysat other children or even been around babies until I had Addison. Becoming a mother opened new opportunities, struggles, pride, emotions and territories I had never even heard of and one of those experiences were changing diapers while out and about.

When Addison was 9 months old, I had changed her enough on the bathroom floor, in the restaurant booth, in the trunk of the car etc enough times to be done and over it. I distinctively remember thinking “It’s 2015! There has to be a better way of doing this!” and there was the birth of the Changing Station Locator app (see what I did there?!?)

My sister and I teamed up and thought we could figure out how to code by ourselves with just the help of the internet and Youtube. We tried for 2 years and couldn’t even make it past uploading a picture for the home screen art. I reached out to a developer and told him the design, functionality, user interface, page flow and every little detail we wanted in the app. He had the code potion written in about a month and the rest is history! We launched the app on the App Store in November 2017 and the Google Play Store in March 2018.

Here is how the app works: Let’s say you are at the local Mom and Pop restaurant in your hometown and they have a changing station in both the Men’s and Women’s restroom. Go ahead and plug it in! Take a picture, review the cleanliness, and drop a pin. The app uses your location to help identify the spot and allows you to input details about where the changing station is located, what it looks like, how clean the facilities are, and assign a star rating!  Or say there is a station in the Women’s room but not the Men’s. The app has those options too! If there is no station at all, a red X will appear after it is logged to alert users there is no station.  If there is a station, a red map icon appears and if an adult changing station is logged, a blue map icon will appear. We wanted to add the Adult Changing Station option so those caregivers are aware the facility can accommodate!

I am so excited about this app and how it can improve the lives of every user it brings. But we can’t do it alone! We need your help in compiling the most comprehensive and accurate list of where these changing stations are located, what they look like and how clean they are so other caregivers like you can quickly and easily locate clean, comfortable changing stations! Log in, create an account, and then get down to business 🙂

Finding a clean, comfortable changing station while out and about with the little ones has never been easier! Download the app on the App Store or the Google Play store today and start logging stations!

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Special thanks to Jessie and all her supporters who made this article possible!

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