Dear Santa, Please Bring Us Bigger Shoulders

Dear Santa,

For Christmas, please bring us bigger shoulders. 

You see, we carry heavy burdens on our shoulders as mothers, caretakers, and some of us also wives and breadwinners. We do a lot for our families inside and outside the home. But what remains universal is our work never ends. Not at 5pm, not at 11pm when our heads finally hit the pillow.

For many of us, we still lie in bed for a solid 45 minutes making a mental list of the things we didn’t get done today – Women have been doing this to themselves since the dawn of time and we finally have a name for it:

The Mental Load. 

It’s a term that perfectly captures the undefined and unseen amount of energy we, as mothers expel on what we do for our families that often goes unseen. We worry, we plan, we execute. Lather, rinse, repeat. We take care of things that need to be taken care of, and the world keeps turning. 

The Mental Load.

It’s especially apparent this time of year how taxing the mental load can become. Class parties, Christmas shopping for kids, Christmas shopping for extended family…Can we pause on that for a second? I’m thankful for the genesis of online shopping but if you are not ON TOP of your shopping list by November 1st you’re already behind. How does that happen?! And why, no matter HOW early we start Christmas shopping, do we always feel behind? 

And whose idea was this Elf on the Shelf thing anyway? I mean, the pictures on Pinterest are adorable but who the hell has time to come up with these elaborate escapades for an elf who may or may not entice children to behave just a LITTLE bit better for a finite period of time? The businessperson in me deduces that it is NOT worth the investment. And GOD FORBID we FORGET to put the elf in a new position one night because children notice…then we find ourselves concocting an elaborate lie as to why Sparkle the elf didn’t move about the kitchen last night. 

The Mental load.

Oh, and all that super magical holiday mental load crap is piled on top of the normal everyday mental load stuff like laundry, kids getting sick and you know – our actual jobs (paycheck or not) that keep us busier than ever this time of year…so there’s that. 

The Mental Load.

So here’s to you, Santa. May you be more on top of your game than we are so you can bring us bigger shoulders to help carry this burden…and please bring us self-refilling wine glasses. Oh and world peace. 

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One Response to Dear Santa, Please Bring Us Bigger Shoulders

  1. Gretchen November 27, 2017 at 6:44 pm #

    Great post! For generations women have tried to do it all….we always fall short of getting everything on our list completed. My mother once said to me “don’t worry about unfinished goals, no one will miss them being completed because they were in your head only”….. and you know what???? she was right no one noticed my list of uncompleted ideas/projects/chores and we had great days and memories made from those days! Love you ! Be kind to yourself!