Dear Kindergarten Graduate:

Dear Kindergarten Graduate, 

The end of the year is here and in just a few days you will finish your first year of Elementary School and graduate Kindergarten.  My mama heart is sad because in a blink this year is over.  The road to Kindergarten wasn’t easy. You cried the first two weeks of school, and although the crying did eventually stopped, the willingness to go to school didn’t take its’ place.

 It took you a while to  warm-up to the idea that you had to go to school each day.  But once you found friends that shared the same interest in sports, recess became your favorite part of the day.  This made your mommy so happy and I wished those same boys were in your homeroom class. But, even so, we persevered. We prayed for beautiful weather so that you could go out and play with your new friends, but you still disliked everything else about school. This made my momma heart sad.

Eventually, things turned around. You became closer to classmates and found similar interests (like the little boy who loves Pokemon cards and then all of the sudden YOU loved Pokemon cards). The two of you would spend the winter months looking at and trading cards at school. I loved watching you develop relationships and seeing the joy in your eyes that friendships brought you. 

Suddenly, you became the student that many kids looked up to and you became the favorite kid in class.  Although being the favorite isn’t the goal, it helped you gain the confidence you needed to enjoy the school days.

 You were student of the week twice this year.  You became confident, a leader, and you enjoyed all the activities at school.  It amazes me that at the beginning of the school year you knew how to write your name, you knew all the colors, numbers, shapes, and how to sing your ABCs. BUT, my dear kindergarten graduate, you know SO much more. The depth of knowledge you have today as you graduate Kindergarten completely amazes me.

 You know sight words, you know how to write sentences and draw pictures to describe the sentence, you know how to write your entire name, you know addition and subtraction, upper and lower case writing, and how to read.  This amazes me most of all! Kindergarten has helped develop you into the confident boy you are today and as you take the stage for your graduation, you are making your mommy so incredibly proud. Less than 6 months ago you would have never have stepped foot on stage, and you will now stand proudly with your classmates and friends. We made it through the year and we are both more knowledgeable for the years to come. I am so proud of you and the boy you are becoming. Here we come FIRST GRADE! 


Kindergarten Mommy  


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