Dear Husband

Dear Husband,

I’m sorry for all the times I froze you out of every room in the house…in the middle of the summer.

I’m sorry for the times I was mean – especially during labor…I really didn’t mean it when I yelled for you to turn up your hearing aids (because you missed the “sign” that I was having another contraction).

I appreciate how much you love our baby. I understand we show love in completely different ways and though you rough house with our nine-mouth old …I fall more in love with you every time I see the way you look at him.

I love going through new chapters with you and learning new things about each other–like, realizing how little we both remember nursery rhymes – so we make them up…or combine them all together.

I value our date nights together more than ever. Yes, we both feel guilty for taking time away from the baby, especially since we both worked all day. Yes, most of the time it’s just a quick dinner then back home for the baby’s bedtime routine BUT I wouldn’t trade that time for anything.

Overall, our relationship has changed and we have figured out a new routine together and that DID take time and it wasn’t always easy. I value the people we have become. Most of all, I look forward to a fun and crazy future together. So thank you for loving me, for loving us, and for being you. 

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