Dear 2017

Dear 2017,

It’s nice to meet you. I’m glad you’ve put in an application to fill the new year position. Are you ready? As a part of the interview process, lets pause and discuss your predecessor. I firmly believe the only way you’ll know how to live up to and exceed my expectations is if I lay out the work of the one that has gone before you. 

2016 Made Me a Mother

You won’t be able to top this one, but don’t worry, I would never hold you to meeting or surpassing this goal. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime sort of thing. For the first time in my twenty-nine years, I understand what it means to watch your heart exist on the outside of your body. For me, my heart beats inside two little people–one which laughs with ease much like myself and the other who’s content to sit and just be, just like her dad. Though you cannot give me the gift of motherhood–a gift I waited for both patiently and with much angst–you must take the helm and begin the long process of teaching me how to be a mother. You must begin to employ me with an unending supply of patience and a plethora of wisdom and discernment which far, far exceeds my age and abilities. Oh, and if you could work on the “eyes in the back of my head” thing–I would be much obliged. 

2016 Showed Me Friendship

Prior to 2016, I knew I had good, solid friendships. Entering into 2017, I know that people like my friends are a rare, rare find and to place them into the “good” and “solid” categories is actually an insult. You will find throughout this year that my friends are women who will empty themselves of every ounce of energy to provide meals for new moms, take care of littles, clean houses, and organize play groups to maintain sanity. They will indulge silly invitations for last minute, late night sonic runs, they will maintain confidences about life stresses,  cry when something breaks only your heart, pray with you when you need a desperate intercessor, and craft their words like poetry to encourage and even confront you unlike ever before.  

As you take me through this year, exhaust me with opportunities to be just like these women. I have a lot of work to do to repay them for the genuine goodness they so abundantly lavished out in my most needy of times when all I had to offer in return were meager words of thanks. If the statement is true that you are an average of the five people you spend the most time with, make me just as worthy to bring up the average for them, as they do for me. 

2016 Surprised Me

At the beginning of 2016, I had my year planned. I would move into our new home the first week of February and have approximately 10 weeks to unpack, decorate, and finalize all the things before the arrival of my twins at 37 weeks. I would bring my twins home like all new mothers and march blissfully into new momdom unaware of how tired and exhausting the next few weeks rest of my life would be. I would have my children sleep trained by 8 weeks, I would be back into my pre-pregnancy clothes by 6 months, I would return to work more focused and rejuvenated than ever, and my holidays would be a picturesque Norman Rockwell card. 

What the Type-A in me didn’t expect was everything that actually happened. My house still sits un-decorated and more than one room still provides storage for unpacked boxes, I’ve never been more exhausted and most days, my planner doesn’t get updated until after I complete a task, I didn’t even dress the twins for Halloween given their early bedtime, I ran to Walmart 15 minutes before Thanksgiving lunch for box dressing after an oven catastrophe, and i failed to order monogrammed stockings (or, lets be honest, buy any stockings) to adorn my new mantle. 2015 Adrienne would have been anxious over all of the above for months after such a dismal showing, but 2016 quickly showed me, I’m a different person than I was the year before. I’m apparently okay not having a decorated table to be envied, custom made curtains for my living room or  5 uninterrupted hours of sleep. The 2016 me morphed into a person I never knew I was, and I want you to keep refining that girl.  Laser point my focus on running hard after Jesus because then all else will fall into place. 

I am not sure how you’ll come about providing all of this, but please, do be gentle. I’m still new at this mom thing and I’ve quickly learned my patience for things is quite thin. Given my time and attention is now pulled in more directions than I ever imagined possible, I find I have little time for unnecessary drama and inefficiency and tend to react swiftly and mechanically instead of bathing my words and actions in the prayer it so requires. Please monitor me on this. 

2017 though we are only at your brink, the little I can see on your horizon both simultaneously excites and terrifies me. I can say with absolute certainty I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for a new year than I am now. 

So, are you ready? You start today. 


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One Response to Dear 2017

  1. LaDonna January 2, 2017 at 3:34 pm #

    You are a gifted writer and I enjoyed this so! So creative.
    I love what you said about ranking friends. I’ve always encouraged my children to not call anyone their “best friend” (they occasionally do though). I always said “if she is your best friend then what does it make the others? Less then best?”.
    Happy 2017! Should be a fun one with your sweet babies.