My Daughter Is Not a Snowflake; She Is a Lightning Bolt

My daughter is not a snowflake. She is a lightning bolt.

This has nothing to do with political affiliation, religious stance, or anything of the like. My husband and I are raising our daughter to be tough and independent, with leadership skills and just enough sass to keep things interesting.

She won’t be the little girl, or the grown woman, who will quietly slip into the room unnoticed. She will make an entrance and command respect and attention because of what she brings to the table: her charm, wit, intelligence, and ability to make others feel at home. She will have her quirks and unique attributes. She will stand up for what is right and treat others with respect, and will also call your bluff if you are not doing the same.

Does this make for some difficult and trying times, allowing a younger child to question things, understand things, and be involved in things? YOU BETCHA. Is it refreshing to know that she listens to *most* of it and then notices things that I myself miss? Absolutely. I enjoy talking to my daughter as if she is an adult, just as I was always spoken to as an adult.

Ultimately, our goal is to raise a respectful person. Manners? Yes. Intuition? Yes. Compassion? No doubt. The ability to continually learn? We can only hope. Patience? Meh – we don’t have much, but we hope she learns the little bit we have. These qualities require a lot of responsibility, and we don’t take that lightly. We still want a giggling, playing little girl. But we also pray that our daughter stands up for those being bullied and befriends the ones who need a friend. Snowflakes would meet under that pressure, but lightning bolts…well, lightning bolts thrive in an environment where environments collide.

To all of the other parents out there raising lightning bolts, I raise my glass to you.  May you have the strength and patience to make it through. Leave your mark, our little lightning bolts. Shine bright, stand up for yourselves and others, and find the beauty in life.

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