Children Need Help in NWA

Every child should feel Deserving, Enriched and Blessed. That’s the mission of the D.E.B. project. The D.E.B. Project works with foster families and schools to provide children in need with clothes and other essential items.

We ADORE  the D.E.B. Project and were honored to donate in-kind donations after our Bloom event.  Now, we want to share all the ways the D.E.B Project are making an impact on our community and how you can help too.

Clothes for Kids: The D.E.B. Project helps provide clothing and other essentials for children through various programs.

They have Food and Supplies for Kids in Foster Care: Newly placed children in foster shop (at no cost) for 5 tops and 5 bottoms. Also, if stocked, they be able to select from the donated In-Kind items.

What are ​In-Kind Items? New Toys, Books, Baby Supplies  like Diapers and Wipes

Also, the D.E.B. helps kids in our schools.  How?  They provide school conselors with much needed snacks, food and supplies for many of NWA’s children who are not getting this at home.  Bless the BIG hearts of our community and school conselors. This is a huge need. 

What can you do about it? Drop off non-persiable food, (poptarts, granola bars, easy snacks for kids to open and eat on their own.)

You could host a food drive with your mom’s group, instead of toys and gifts at your child’s next birthday- ask for donations to the D.E.B. Project.  There are so many ways to get involved. 

Scholarship Program: The D.E.B. project offer scholarships to students in need, through their school, to provide the students with the supplies they need to participate in extracurricular activities. 

Community Closet: In addition to the thrift boutique in Bentonville, the D.E.B. Project is honored to stock a community closet in Kansas, OK providing free clothing to help those who need it so they can look and feel fantastic.

Y’all! This place is making a HUGE difference in our community and beyond.  

Learn more about how they serve local kids- come volunteer in the store, give back with donations, have new diapers the kids outgrew? They will gladly accept them at the D.E.B. Project. 

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